Cavapoo Price Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Cavapoo Price

Cavapoos are some of the world’s most popular crossbreed dogs because of their friendly, intelligent nature and hypoallergenic shedding. However, they’re also one of the most expensive breeds.

Several factors come into play with their cost, before and after getting one, which begs the question: what’s the price for a Cavapoo?

What’s the Price for a Cavapoo?

The average price for most Cavapoo puppies is between $1,500 to $2,000. However, this price can differ based on several factors, including:

  • The breeder you select
  • The location
  • The Cavapoo’s lineage
  • The Cavapoo’s size or color
  • The overall supply and demand

Before you consider getting a Cavapoo, you must research which reputable breeders you should narrow down since lower than average Cavapoo prices might not guarantee a healthy dog.

What Factors Affect the Price of a Cavapoo?

Whether you buy a Cavapoo from a breeder or find one in a shelter, it’s essential to think about what factors can determine the price for your new canine companion. While many assume mixed-breed dogs are less expensive than purebreds, their popularity can boost their price.

Here are some of the most prominent components that affect how much your Cavapoo’s initial price can cost.


Cavapoo puppies tend to be more expensive than their adult counterparts. However, most Cavapoos have a long lifespan, so it’s up to you to decide which age you prefer starting with.


Another factor that affects your overall Cavapoo price is the dog’s pedigree. A breeder considers and performs tests for the following characteristics when selecting ideal Cavapoos for breeding:

  • Temperament
  • Coat Color
  • Genetics
  • Potential Health Issues

Typically, Cavapoo puppies born from parents with excellent pedigrees cost more. This factor applies when breeding F1 Cavapoos from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Toy Poodle parents and F2 Cavapoos from Cavapoo parents.


A Cavapoo’s generation can also affect its overall price. Here’s a rundown of how breeders label each Cavapoo generation:

F1 (first generation) – F1 Cavapoo puppies result from breeding a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mother with a Toy Poodle father.

F2 (second generation) – F2 Cavapoo puppies are from breeding two Cavapoos.

F1B (first generation backcross) – F1B Cavapoo puppies come from an F1 Cavapoo mother with a Toy Poodle father.

Later generations of the Cavapoo tend to shed less than their F1 counterparts, letting breeders sell them for a higher price and market them as hypoallergenic. If you prefer spending less, consider finding a breeder advertising first-generation Cavapoo pups.

Coat Color

A Cavapoo’s fur color is more than just a cosmetic trait that makes them stand out from the rest. Some colors can increase a Cavapoo’s price, depending on their rarity. For example, solid red or apricot Cavipoos cost more than ones with black coats.

Parti-colored Cavipoos come in several coat color combinations. However, particularly unique bi-color and tri-color patterns tend to boost a Cavapoo puppy’s price by thousands, depending on the breeder’s standards.


If you live in or close to a state with several Cavapoo breeders, you can expect competitive prices for the best deals while researching the best options. However, if you have to travel to a different state with a limited number of breeders, you can expect higher Cavapoo prices.

If you want a specific Cavapoo, you have to consider how far you’ll want to travel to get it if they don’t provide shipping services to bring your dog to a state closer to you.

If you prefer adopting a Cavapoo, you’ll also need to research if they transport their dogs or like an in-person pickup.

Breeder Reputation

The most critical thing you should consider when buying a Cavapoo is their breeder’s reputation and experience. Breeders who put lots of effort into keeping Cavapoo puppies and their parents healthy and well-cared for tend to have more premium prices, but the price is worth it when it comes to this life-changing commitment.

A reputable Cavapoo breeder should:

  • Know the breed and answer as many questions as new Cavapoo owners have (such as breed temperament and health history)
  • Asking potential customers questions about their lifestyle and environment to ensure it’s the right environment for the puppy
  • Keep the puppies in their care until they reach a specific age
  • Have a contract for buyers to sign before taking the dog home

When narrowing your top breeder options, be sure to avoid puppy mills. These breeders keep their breedable dogs confined, dirty, and unhealthy conditions, making them more likely to produce puppies with health issues.

You can expect to see hundreds of dogs caged and stacked on top of each other or placed in cramped indoor spaces. If you’re unsure about their conditions, ask as many questions about the puppies’ mother as possible.

Consider their services if the breeder knows what they’re doing and answers your questions. If not, don’t take a chance with them. You can also try researching breeder reviews to help set your expectations based on others’ experiences.

Other Price Considerations for Getting a Cavapoo

When you’re ready to bring your Cavapoo home from the breeder, you should consider some additional fees that can affect your dog’s price. This process differs from owner to owner, so it’s best to expect anything.


If you plan on adopting a Cavapoo instead of reaching out to a breeder, the adoption fees may differ, depending on where you look and the dog’s age.

However, since Cavapoos are a popular breed, you might have trouble finding one in animal shelters nearby.

Additionally, you should try reaching out to breed-specific rescues to see if they have any Cavapoos available. Many organizations are dedicated to finding homes for Cavapoos or other poodle mixes.

The adoption process can take some time and may require a background check to see if your home is suitable for your desired Cavapoo.


Most Cavapoo breeders prefer that new owners travel to their location to pick up their dog in person, but others are more lenient about negotiating a closer dropoff location.

Depending on how far the meeting place is from the breeder’s address, the charges for shipment can cost hundreds of dollars.

The Costs for Caring and Owning a Cavapoo

Before spending money on a Cavapoo of any age, size, or color, you should consider the other things you’ll need to pay for when caring for your new dog.

Remember, they’re a lifetime commitment and can live between 10 to 15 years, so you must spend a lot to provide for them.

You can’t expect the first batch of supplies you purchase to last over several months so that you might spend at least thousands of dollars on your Cavapoo based on their needs. If you own more than one dog, expect these costs to increase.

Medical Costs

After buying a Cavapoo, you’re responsible for their medical expenses, from annual checkups to potential procedures. Depending on where or when you buy your Cavapoo puppy, they might have some vaccinations done, but you’ll have to take them for others, such as booster shots.

Most breeder contracts recommend owners get their dogs spayed or neutered when they reach six or nine months.

The costs for these procedures depend on the vet office you use, so it would be wise to spend at least $200 for the operation.

If your breeder hasn’t microchipped your Cavapoo, consider taking them to the vet to implant it. The average price is about $45 and is essential in returning your dog home if they get lost.

Cavapoos can become prone to diseases their parents might have, including:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Syringomyelia
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Treatments for these health issues can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, especially during emergency surgeries. So, to avoid these issues early on, keep a close eye on your Cavapoo when they play indoors, in the yard, or while on an outing.

Sometimes, you’ll have to pay for prescriptions when your dog gets worms or other internal parasites. The treatment can vary from dog to dog, so it would be wise to consult your vet for the best medication for your dog’s age and condition.

Feeding Your Cavapoo

Picking quality dog food and treats can be challenging for first-time Cavapoo owners, so it would be best to ask your breeder or veterinarian for their recommendations. Depending on the brand, you might have to spend at least $60 for food monthly.

The nutrients in quality dog food help keep your dog’s fur and skin healthy, and their weight managed. As they grow and transition from puppy food to adult food, you’ll need to find alternatives to balance their diet and daily wellness that their body can agree with.


Although Cavapoos have a low shedding rate, their fur needs regular maintenance to keep it soft and reduce matting. You can find several bristles and slicker brushes for daily or weekly grooming at your local store for about $10, along with nail clippers and shampoos.

It would help if you took a Cavapoo to the groomer monthly to maintain their fur. Grooming sessions for small breeds like Cavapoos generally cost less than larger breeds but differ based on the salon; the average price can be between $60 and over $90.

You can also ask your groomer to cut your Cavapoo’s hair shorter to help you save extra time while brushing them.


Training is essential when bringing home a new Cavapoo, and the sooner you consider signing them up for classes, the more likely they won’t become unruly and disobedient at home or on the go.

Although you could teach your dog commands at home, it might conflict with your schedule. An average training class at your local pet store can cost about $100 for a set schedule and is an excellent way to socialize your Cavapoo with new dogs and people outside their family.

Private trainers might have different rates for their courses, but they can be a valuable solution for Cavapoos who get distracted by other dogs.


Although Cavapoos don’t require vigorous exercise indoors or outdoors, you should invest in several toys to keep them from getting bored or chewing your belongings. They’re outgoing and love getting extra attention while playing with their owners.

Most dog owners spend at least $30 or less on toys each month, but this amount can change based on their dog’s chewing level and how often they need to replace worn-down toys.

If you prefer dedicating part of your budget to your Cavapoo’s toys, consider signing up for an online toy subscription to get annual toy packages delivered to your doorstep and save a trip to the store.

Other Essential Supplies and Services

Although it might be considerably easy to find beds, crates, and harnesses that match your Cavapoo’s size and age for several months, buying specific products like training pads or poop bags can add up if you buy them in bulk.

If you are out of time for a few days and can’t find a sitter, you should consider your budget for boarding. Some kennels charge $40 or $60 a night, so you should balance your time and funds wisely.


Depending on where you look, you can expect to spend at least $2,000 or more for purchasing a Cavapoo puppy and over $1,000 per year for annual supplies, veterinary care, and other services.

However, the love you and your Cavapoo share is priceless and sticks with you for a lifetime.

You might have to put in extra effort when finding a reputable breeder that ensures the healthiest Cavapoos for you to take home and spend less money managing their health and happiness.

Feel free to contact any shelter or organization to see if they have any Cavapoos available for adoption.

If not, find an organization with a list of reputable breeders and gather as much information as you need to pick the best Cavapoo in need of a forever home.

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