Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix: What Can You Expect?

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix

A Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix is a relatively rare enough designer breed many have never heard of these dogs. Some who hear about these dogs may know that the dogs are furry and not very big, but little else about them otherwise. What is a Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix, and what can you expect? A … Read more

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: What Makes it So Popular?

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are becoming one of the more popular designer mixes. One obvious thing to all who see these dogs is that they are cute. However, cuteness only tells part of the story about these dogs. Why is the French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix so popular? Besides being cute and having a great personality, … Read more

Pomeranian Labrador Mix: What Traits Does this Mix Have

Pomeranian Labrador Mix

A Pomeranian Labrador Mix, also known as a Pomador, is a designer breed that may seem contradictory. How often do you find a mixture that includes Toy breed ancestry and that of a big dog representing one of the most popular breeds? What are a Pomeranian Labrador’s traits? A Pomador is a cross between a … Read more

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix: The Ultimate Animal Companion

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix

Humans and dogs form one of the most exciting relationships, but one thing about this relationship is that we know very little about our companions. So, in this article, you will learn about one particular breed of dog, the Pomeranian Golden Retriever. This breed is one of the most popular designer dogs around. A designer … Read more