Japanese Spitz Siberian Husky Mix: Not for the House or Hauling Sleds

Japanese Spitz Siberian Husky Mix

Siberian Husky mixes are popular. First, they are abundant because so many people want them. Second, they are escape artists and thus have many opportunities to mingle with dogs they encounter on their ventures. Third, dog lovers want Husky hybrids to enhance another dog’s beauty or temper their own breed’s unbridled enthusiasm and intensity. Do … Read more

Border Collie Samoyed Mix: Is It the Right Dog for You?

Border Collie Samoyed Mix

Every once in a while, a breeder ends up with several unintended puppies. If all goes okay, the puppies are not terrible pets, but they indeed weren’t the purebreds the breeder was hoping for. Licensed and registered dog breeders typically don’t enjoy finding out that their champion bitch is pregnant with anything other than the … Read more