Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix: Meet the Independent Calm Dog

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix

The Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix is a hybrid canine descended from the shar-pei and the Great Pyrenees. Dogs of these species have the potential to be sociable, but individual temperaments vary widely.

As a breed, Chinese Shar-Peis are considered to be loving, cautious, and faithful. An animal’s behavior in social situations is greatly influenced by how well it has been trained.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix

Although they are a good option, not everyone will get along with this breed. Here are the reasons why;

They Shed More Hair

The Great Pyrenees Shar Pei is a large breed, so naturally, they would have a thick coat. For this reason, they lose a lot of hair throughout the shedding season.

It may be a little challenging if you want to keep your Great Pyrenees inside. Maintaining hair isn’t impossible, but it isn’t easy without the proper equipment.

The Breed Barks a Lot

Apartment dwellers should think twice before adopting a Great Pyrenees because of the breed’s tendency for excessive barking. However, they can be trained to stop barking at night, which is good news if you deal with this problem.

The Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix Likes to Roam

Historically, the breed has served as livestock guardians in the French mountain areas. They would follow their flock of sheep or goats around, standing guard to make sure none of them were attacked.

The Great Pyrenees breed has strong survival instincts because of their genetic make-up. This breed’s natural inclination is to wander free, following that urge. Because of this instinctual behavior, they are the best choice for someone who needs a dog who can walk off-leash or hike trails while performing a great heel.


Sometimes Great Pyrenees may be somewhat defiant. This may be unpleasant if the dog does not respond to the owner’s commands. The great Pyrenees is a reminder of their ancestry as livestock protectors.

They would stand vigil over their flock for weeks without seeing another human being. Because of this, Great Pyrenees dogs tend to be fiercely self-reliant. They were developed to depend on their intuition rather than the farmer’s orders to carry out their duties.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix

Their Coat is Easy to Care for Despite Their Excessive Shedding.

The Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix is a strong shedder and will shed heavily throughout the year. When the seasons change, they will blow their coat, producing a furry blizzard. As a result, white fur shed by Pyrs is not allergic and may be found all around the home.

Because of their constant shedding, they need weekly or more frequent brushing. A positive aspect of its thick fur coat is that it resists tangling and soiling. Because of this, your Pyr will always sport a beautiful white or white with markings coat.

They Open Themselves to Family but Keep their Distance from Strangers

Despite their solemn appearance, Great Pyrenees are known to be loving and affectionate pets. They see their immediate family members as their flock that has to be cared for and guarded at all costs. However, they are wary of outsiders of any kind, including humans and animals.

They Make Excellent Watchdogs

Because of their origins in sheep guarding, Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix makes good security dogs. They will exhibit typical guard dog traits, including being territorial, watchful, and fearless.

The breed, being the vigilant guard dogs that they are, see all strangers, whether human or animal, as potential dangers that must be avoided at all costs. They are pretty vocal and bark at anybody they see as intruders.

The Breed is Friendly with Children

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei is kind and tolerant with children, and they happily assume the role of guardian and playmate for a young person. Children are the “flock” that the dog’s protective instinct compels them to keep an eye on. That is why Pyrs love to tussle, play tug of war, and even drag a baby carriage.

When it comes to protecting their family, though, these dogs are unmoved by the presence of young people. Put another way, your Pyr will act as a guardian and friend to your kids, but he won’t submit to their authority.

Appearance, Personality, Coat and colors, lifespan, and Traits of a Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix

The Great Pyrenees Shar Pei is an enormous, stout, double-coated dog. The exterior coat is long and coarse and may be either straight or somewhat wavy, while the undercoat is fine, velvety, and relatively thick.

A white coat, or a white coat with light yellow, tan, or gray spots, is the most common. They have triangular ears that hang down. The eyes are a deep brown, and the nose is also black. The dog’s tail is long and fluffy, extending beyond its hocks.

The Great Pyrenees Shar Pei mix is recognized as a severe and quiet dog devoted to his family, even well-behaved youngsters. Dogs of this breed are reliable, loving, and calm in most situations, yet they will fight to defend their pack and home if threatened.

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix Puppies for Sale

You are on a quest to make a new best friend; where should you begin? Many of us lack the time or finances to seek puppies for sale close to where we live.

The internet is a fantastic tool for connecting with local animal adoptions. You may search online for anything, including finding a breeder or rescue organization or adopting a shelter. You no longer need to wait to locate dogs for sale because of how quickly current technology works.

If you want to discover articles you can trust, that will help you get closer to bringing your furry buddy home. Finding reliable websites to guide you on your trip is crucial.

Grooming Your Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix

Skin and coat health depend on how well the coat is cared for and maintained. Damage to the coat might occur because the hair shaft becomes harsh and brittle when it gets filthy.

Regular brushing is necessary for this coat type. You should be able to keep this coat in good condition with frequent, routine bathing and 30 minutes of weekly brush-outs to keep the hair split and divided, preventing matting and enabling the skin to breathe.

Excellent Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix Health Problems

The dog breed experiences many health issues, including;

Eyelid Problems (Entropion)

The dog’s extensive facial creases, which give it its distinctive appearance, might result in extra tissue around the eyelids. The hairy skin around the eyes will rub when the eyelids, particularly the lower ones, are highly swollen.

Squinting is a side effect of the pain, which makes things worse. Permanent blindness may result from corneal pigmentation and ulceration of the eye. An issue may be present if your eyes are excessively wet or water. Entropion is a disorder that affects a lot of Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix dogs.

Ear Infections

The ear canal of the dog is sometimes too small for the veterinarian to inspect. This creates the ideal environment for the growth of various bacteria and makes therapy all but impossible. To manage the infections, ear surgery could be necessary.

Weekly use of an effective ear disinfectant may be helpful in an effort at prevention. Consult your veterinarian for advice on the best options.

Skin Fold Elections

Staphylococci and other germs thrive in the little crevices between the wrinkles of Shar-Peis. Infections in the skin folds might develop. The skin gets red, damp, and quickly starts to smell with this ailment, which often affects the folds around the snout.


Because it regulates every cell’s metabolic rate in the body, thyroid hormone is crucial. According to current estimations, one in five Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix may not have enough thyroid hormone. Everything slows down without thyroid hormone, with skin consequences being most noticeable.

A “water line” pattern, a distinct line of demarcation throughout the body below which the skin is inflamed and above which the skin is normal, is often seen in hair loss with dandruff and pigmentation. Although this illness is often not irritating, itchy and secondary infections may develop when the immune system gradually slows down.

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix Food Requirements

A dog’s diet is mainly tailored to each dog’s specific needs. They are all diverse and have specific nutritional needs. The vast majority of American dogs are overweight.

Fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin supplements should be started immediately for a breed like this, which predisposes to hip and elbow dysplasia. The Raw Food Diet is worth looking into. It’s recommended that those with a Wolf ancestry follow a raw food diet.

Unfortunately, health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia may worsen by overfeeding a dog.

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix Exercise Requirements

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei needs around one hour of daily exercise. On the other hand, this doesn’t need a one-hour stroll across the park with him. You may choose from a wide range of options, and not all of them need to include physical movement (thinking games, for example, might be just as taxing).

Dogs that are very active sometimes get into mischief because they are obliged to amuse themselves in unconventional ways. Most dog owners would like not to have their pets be subjected to these kinds of amusement. There are several benefits to keeping your Great Pyrenees Shar Pei mix mind and body busy.

Providing your dog with healthy ways to use his boundless energy will help curb destructive habits. As a bonus, regular exercise and mental stimulation will aid in keeping your Pyr at a healthy weight and his muscles in good shape to support his skeleton.

It’s important to stress that this breed requires some care. If you have a young Great Pyrenees Shar Pei mix, you should talk to your vet before beginning any sports or prospective high-impact activities. This is to ensure they won’t harm your dog’s growing joints.

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix Training

You should have your training gear together once you and your Shar Pei are ready to begin training. These include a collar, toys, dog treats, long straps, regulatory straps, and waist bags.

Both mental and physical training should be tailored to the individual dog’s age, health, and abilities. For example, because of the requirement for gradual learning, you should not start a puppy out on anything too tricky right away in their training.

Therefore, it is crucial to start training with easy-to-understand, fundamental commands. With positive reinforcement, you may gradually raise the complexity of the exercises to facilitate learning.

Working out a Shar Pei Puppy

It would be best if you remembered that the weaning phase of a dog is quite important. A Shar Pei puppy that has been completely weaned and is at least three months old is ready to begin training. When puppies are taken from their mothers early, it may negatively affect their cognitive development, sociability, and immune systems.

Your puppy’s intellectual, emotional, and social development might benefit significantly from early stimulation, which is especially effective if the puppy was born in your own house. The planned routines should be light on physical exertion but heavy on fun.

Training a Shar Pei Adult

After you have finished the puppy stage of training with your Shar Pei, you will probably start to see signs of the dog’s innate intelligence. Agility sports are a great place to start if you want to keep your Shar Pei active and happy. Furthermore, seeking games are advised to help exercise your dog’s senses and mind.

Consider bringing your dog to a professional dog training facility if you lack the time or expertise to further its training. Expert advice from someone with extensive expertise is available at these facilities.

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix and Families

Because of their friendly and loving nature around people, a new Great Pyrenees Shar Pei puppy will quickly feel at home with the family.

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix and other pets

The Great Pyrenees Shar Pei mix often gets along well with other dogs and household pets. They are friendly to everyone they meet, including humans, pets, and strangers. The breed is a popular choice for many families; a vast, magnificent dog with a dynamic nature and a kind demeanor.

Is Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix Right for You?

Yes. The Pyrenees Shar Pei mix is a beautiful family dog since it is loving and protective toward its human family, yet it might be suspicious of new people. Continuous training is essential to ensure this dog breed understands its position in the family’s social hierarchy. It is an excellent dog for families with somewhat older kids.

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