10 Dogs That Look Like Poodles


Poodles are among some of the most easily recognized breeds. Sometimes, we might see a dog that looks worldwide like a Poodle. However, that pretty Poodle might be a different breed or crossbreed.

What are some dogs that look like Poodles?

We’ve looked at four crosses that look like their purebred Poodle counterparts and some other breeds that share a strong resemblance. Read on to learn more about these dogs.

1. Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles combine two of the most well-beloved breeds, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. This “designer” or hybrid cross has a high intelligence level.

One of the areas where this dog excels is as a family pet. These dogs are devoted to their families and love people of all ages. These dogs also have a playful nature, always ready to get involved in whatever fun your family is up to.

Here are some interesting facts about Goldendoodles:

  • A long history of being hypoallergenic alternatives to Golden Retrievers
  • Helpful as service dogs for both their intelligence and hypoallergenic coats
  • Relatively modest grooming needs in comparison to Golden Retrievers

The dog’s coat color is most similar to a Golden Retriever’s. You’ll find shades ranging from a pale yellow or gold to a deeper, almost reddish color. However, the coat will require less care than a purebred Golden’s.


2. Labradoodle

The Labradoodle is a cross between the Labrador Retriever, one of the most popular dogs, and the Poodle. This designer breed is one of the most popular Poodle mixes.

Like the Goldendoodle, these dogs are also popular as service dogs. The Labradoodle boasts a hypoallergenic coat, making it easier for allergy sufferers to live without problems. The dogs have relatively minimal grooming needs.

Some of the most helpful things to know about Labradoodles include:

  • A very gentle disposition and acceptance of all family members
  • Fun-loving and quickly up for all your family activities
  • Ready to become best friends with any kids in your household

One of the things that many find appealing about this breed is its overall gentleness. Although all dogs require supervision with children, Goldendoodles are among the most trustworthy breeds parents can allow to be around their children.


3. Maltipoo

The Maltipoo is a small designer crossbreed that is a mixture between the popular Maltese and Poodle. One of the things that people enjoy about these dogs is their naturally playful nature.

Maltipoos are very affectionate. Despite many smaller breeds having a reputation for anti-social or mean behavior, this crossbreed is an exception to the stereotype. These dogs crave attention from their family and will seek it out very willingly.

One of the things that makes this dog very popular is how well it gets along with children. Unlike many other small breeds, these dogs are not inclined to be snappish with kids. Although children must handle small dogs with care, these pets love kids.

Some of the most important things to know about a Maltipoo include:

  • An ideal lap dog temperament
  • Very well-suited to elderly owners
  • Able to live with disabled owners easily due to minimal exercise demands

Because of their more compact size, Maltipoos can live in apartment or condo settings very well. A short walk and indoor playtime will help keep these dogs exercised and mentally stimulated. These dogs are very versatile to have in your home.


4. Yorkipoo

Being a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle, a Yorkipoo is a small dog. The Poodles in this designer cross’ ancestry is Miniature or Toy, keeping their size compact.

Some of the key highlights of this dog’s features include:

  • Weighing 3 to 14 lbs.
  • Standing 7 to 15″ tall
  • Having a hypoallergenic coat

One of the things that stands out about this breed is its high intelligence level, inherited from both breeds. Training one of these dogs is very unlikely to be a difficult task. However, these dogs are more suitable for older children.

Like many other dogs resembling Poodles, these dogs have a broad range of coat colors. They may share the solid colors common to Poodles or the tan and black markings of Yorkies. In many cases, these dogs have a variety of colors throughout their coats.

Miniature Poodles often depend on their owners, a trait that Yorkipoos may inherit. However, if these dogs get more of their personalities from their Yorkie side, they will be more independent. Overall, these dogs are great additions to all families.

5. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog originated as an important helper for fishermen in Portugal. Their coats are tight and curly, having a strong resemblance to Poodles with this coat.

Another way these dogs are somewhat similar to Poodles is that their coats may have a similar type of clip for functionality. When clipped, these dogs may sport a lion clip that resembles the lion clip that Poodles wear.

Some other ways Porties are similar to Poodles:

  • Share a similar activity level with Standard Poodles
  • Enjoy stimulating activities like dock diving
  • Non-hunting activities they enjoy include jogging, hiking, and fetch

A trait that “Porties” also share with Poodles is a high intelligence level. Obedience training from an early age is preferable because these dogs have an independent streak. Independence in a dog is good, but it must be kept in check.

When owners are searching for a dog similar to a Poodle, a Portuguese Water Dog may be an excellent choice. These dogs have the high energy, intelligence, and loyalty that many owners want in a sporting dog.

Irish Water Spaniel

6. Irish Water Spaniel

The Irish Water Spaniel has a history of performing tasks similar to those of Poodles. These dogs are minimal shedders, which makes them a popular choice for owners with allergies.

This spaniel is an intelligent dog that is always ready to learn. Whether you’re using the dog as a hunting companion or want a jogging buddy, you can trust this dog to learn whatever you try to teach it very effectively.

A trait that many find endearing with these dogs is natural curiosity. Inquisitive dogs are always fun to take along on outdoor adventures. These dogs make perfect additions if your family is actively involved with the outdoors.

One way that many owners describe these dogs is as natural clowns. Their antics provide no end of amusement.

Your family will enjoy these dogs and all the people they meet. These dogs could be legitimately said to have never met a stranger.

Here are a few helpful things to keep in mind regarding training:

  • Although friendly, these dogs require early socialization
  • The breed enjoys children but might be too exuberant with young children
  • Daily exercise is necessary to keep these dogs at their happiest

Bedlington Terrier

7. Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington Terriers have a few surprises that await. Some of these surprising traits include:

  • Naturally athletic and fast
  • A quiet dog indoors, quite content to lounge around on the couch
  • Outgoing around its family but somewhat more reserved around strangers

One of the ways that “Beddies” resemble Poodles the most is with their curly white coats. However, unlike Poodles, these dogs are terriers who pursue their prey on land. The coat that these dogs sport helps protect the brush.

Although slightly larger than a Miniature Poodle, Bedlington Terriers require more exercise space. A house with a fenced yard is essential for these dogs. These dogs have an impressive speed when they take off running after rabbits.

One thing that owners can count on with this breed is having them be quiet when indoors. Their outdoor activity level is high but is unlikely to be a problem upon reaching adulthood. These dogs provide an ideal balance.

A potential character flaw these dogs may not have found in Poodles is shyness with strangers. However, early socialization can help ensure that these dogs know how to relate to strangers properly.

Afghan Hound

8. Afghan Hound

Although a hound instead of a retriever or water dog, the Afghan Hound stands out for its long, beautiful coat. These dogs have also accomplished hunting dogs.

One thing that stands out about Afghan Hounds is their independence. When these dogs are out in the field, they perform their hunting duties with minimal guidance from their handlers. However, a typical result is that these dogs may try to set the rules.

Some important highlights to consider about the Afghan personality:

  • A playful and even goofy temperament with its household members
  • Very devoted to its family and reserved with anyone unknown to it
  • Very seldom adjusts well to rehoming because of its level of attachment

Despite being quiet dogs indoors, these dogs are a poor fit for apartments or condominiums. When these hounds are outside, they have a strong tendency to run. Fencing is necessary to help keep these dogs adequately contained.

Afghans can have a similar appearance to Standard Poodles at a distance. However, the breeds have different types of coats with very different grooming needs. These dogs are not usually groomed with the lion clip seen on Poodles.

For owners in search of a dog that is very energetic outdoors and quiet indoors, an Afghan Hound may be an excellent alternative to a Poodle.

9. Barbet

The Barbet is one of the newest breeds to achieve American Kennel Club recognition. This breed has some similarities to Poodles worth noting:

  • Originated as a working water dog in France
  • Most experienced in hunting game birds, a similarity also shared with Goldendoodles and Labradoodles
  • A brilliant breed with a loving manner to its family

Although a relatively rare breed to Americans, the Barbet has been in France since at least the 16th century. One of the similarities that they share with Poodles is having many of the same coat colors. Brown, black, cream, and fawn are the most common colors.

These dogs enjoy the company of their family members and are also good with other dogs. In addition to hunting, swimming, and hiking are two activities these dogs love the most. However, these dogs are well-behaved indoors despite their energy levels.

Like the Poodle, the Barbet does not shed, which makes it suitable for allergy sufferers. However, regular weekly brushing is necessary to avoid painful matting and tangling.

10. Lagotto Romagnolo

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an Italian breed that shares many similarities with Poodles. Some of the highlights of this breed include:

  • A coat with a curly, wooly texture
  • Double-coated to repel water further
  • Multiple colors, including white and brown

These dogs have dense wooly coats, easily repelling water when engaged in water sports-related activities. This breed also has a muscular build that helps contribute to its overall endurance level.

An off-white color is common, but dogs with this coat may have orange or brown patches. Roan and sable are also popular colors, but black is not. Some of these dogs have extremities that are a darker shade than the rest of the coat.

These dogs are energetic, emphasizing their effectiveness in the field. When you have one of these dogs, you can trust it to keep up with your outdoor activities. These dogs enjoy opportunities to go exploring outside.

Like many other dogs like Poodles, the Lagotto Romagnolo is loyal to its family. Besides being very dedicated to its family, this dog also has a high intelligence level and quickly picks up new commands.

Many breeds look like Poodles, providing unique experiences for their owners.

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