Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix: Meet the Intelligent Cheerful Dog

Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix

Do you want a cute small dog to call your own? If you like intelligent, boisterous, charismatic, and easy-to-train little dogs, then you should definitely check out the Japanese Spitz Poodle mix!

This designer hybrid is energetic, outgoing, and adorable. However, before adopting a Japanese Spitz Poodle mix, there are a few things to know.

The Japanese Spitz Poodle mix results from combining two of the most easily trainable small breeds around.

The Japanese Spitz is an intelligent little dog with a fluffy white coat and a keen intellect! The Poodle has a distinctive curly coat and is one of the easiest breeds to teach and work with.

Therefore, a Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrid is likely to be highly intelligent with a desire to learn.

About the Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix

The Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrid is an adorable little dog with many endearing traits. This dog is usually bred by combining a Japanese Spitz with a toy Poodle.

However, this dog may also have a miniature Poodle as a parent. Toy Poodles are less than 10 inches high, while miniature Poodles stand over 10 inches tall but less than 15 inches.

In any case, this will be a small dog that stands less than 12 inches tall. The coat of the Japanese Spitz poodle mix is often white or cream-colored. These dogs are easy to train and can thrive in small spaces and apartments.

To best understand what to expect from your Japanese Spitz Poodle cross, it can be helpful to know the histories of both breeds in the mix.

Poodle History

Poodles are versatile dogs originally bred for retrieving and hunting. The Poodle has a distinctive, curly coat and an athletic body. Poodles are known as one of the smartest dog breeds!

Poodles have been around since the Middle Ages. The majority of experts believe the Poodle originated in Germany.

The Poodle was once the official water dog of Germany. Poodles come in three sizes. The smallest is the toy Poodle. Next is the miniature Poodle. The standard poodle is the third and largest purebred variety.

Japanese Spitz History

The Japanese Spitz came from Japan and was developed in the 1920s and 1930s. This dog was created by crossbreeding several other Spitz-type canines. This breed was first pictured in a dog show in Tokyo in 1921.

The Japanese Spitz looks similar to the American Eskimo dog. However, while the American Eskimo comes in three sizes, the Japanese Spitz only comes in one standard size.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix

There are a few reasons to avoid adopting a Japanese Spitz Poodle cross. For one thing, the Japanese Spitz Poodle mix requires a lot of attention.

This dog will want to be with you all the time. It also requires lots of training from puppyhood in a positive environment.

Also, it can take some time to housebreak this mix because it has a small bladder. Moreover, this mix can have a thick, curly coat that may take a lot of energy in the grooming department.

Finally, this is not a good dog for very young children, as it could easily become injured accidentally.

Reasons to Avoid the Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix

  • Needs lots of attention
  • Might be hard to groom
  • Could easily learn negative behaviors
  • Can take time to fully housetrain
  • Requires supervision around young children

Reasons Why You Should Get a Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix

There are plenty of reasons to consider getting a Japanese Spitz Poodle mix. This is a great choice for those seeking a small dog for apartment living or companionship. This dog is highly intelligent and capable of learning many complicated tricks!

These dogs are also very good at agility competitions. The Japanese Spitz poodle is also a very healthy hybrid.

If trained properly from a young age, this dog can get along well with families and other pets. Overall, this is a wonderful, adorable little dog!

Reasons to Own a Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix

  • Very cute and endearing
  • Easy to train and highly intelligent
  • Relatively healthy
  • Fun, energetic personality
  • Great for small spaces
  • Good with families and pets
  • Soft, fluffy coat

The Appearance of the Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix

Toy Poodles can weigh anywhere from six to 12 pounds. On average, a Japanese Spitz weighs anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds. You can expect your Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrid to weigh eight to 17 pounds, with an average weight of about ten pounds.

This is a cute little dog with large, round eyes, a fluffy coat, and even bodily proportions. The ears of this mix could be erect or floppy. Some Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrids have halfway erect ears with tips that fold over at the top.

Traits and Personality of the Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix

Expect your Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrid to be curious, playful, and eager to please. When raised in a positive and confidence-reinforcing environment, this dog should grow to be lively and friendly toward strangers and other animals.

However, this intelligent dog is also prone to reacting poorly to traumatic situations. Since this dog learns so quickly, it can retain negative behaviors by accident. Keep this in mind when raising your Japanese Spitz Poodle puppy.

Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix Coat and Colors

The Poodle has a single, thick coat made up of curly hair. This hybrid could have either a single or double-layered coat. Most Japanese Spitz poodle mixes are white or cream-colored.

However, this mix can occasionally have a coat that is beige, tan, light brown, or other light colors. It will depend on the genetics of the breeding parents.

Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix Grooming Needs

Although these dogs are cute and cuddly, their soft coats can be difficult to maintain. Underneath the soft top layer, this mix’s coat can be thick and hard to brush through.

In many cases, this coat will also be pretty long. If it has a slight curl to it, grooming gets even harder. It’s also important to note that if your hybrid has a curly double coat, it will be harder to groom.

It is wise to brush this dog regularly to prevent clumps or mats from forming. When grooming thick, curly coats, a good offense is the best defense.

Regular grooming appointments to remove the undercoat (if your dog has one) are highly recommended. You may also want to use a conditioning treatment before combing or brushing this hybrid.

It may also be smart to get your dog used brushes, baths, blow dryers, and clippers from an early age. This dog can be averse to having its hair brushed or pulled.

Try to make grooming a positive experience from the start and get your puppy used to all of the necessary grooming accessories before they are fully grown. That way, things go much smoother as your dog ages.

Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix Lifespan

Both Poodles and Japanese Spitz dogs have been known to live for 15 years. As such, you can expect a Japanese Spitz Poodle mix to live an average of 10 to 15 years! Be sure to care for your dog’s teeth properly from a young age.

According to Dr. Jan Bellows of the American Veterinary Dental College, this will help them have a longer, happier life.

Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix Health Problems

This is one of the healthiest small dogs around. Hybrids are often healthier than purebred dogs because they have more genetic diversity. Not only is the Japanese Spitz Poodle mix healthier than a purebred dog, but it combines two of the healthiest purebreds around.

Indeed, Poodles and Japanese Spitz dogs are some of the healthiest little canines even though they are purebred. That is not to say that a purebred dog can not be healthy.

However, many purebred dogs have been poorly genetically diversified through the years, leading to health issues. In any case, this hybrid is usually healthy and is likely to have a long life!

The Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix Food Requirements

It is recommended that you provide plenty of dental chews and treats to help keep your Japanese Spitz Poodle mix’s teeth clean. This small dog may develop dental problems if its teeth are not cleaned properly after meals.

Dental chews like Minties or Greenies can easily be given to your Spitz Poodle mix after a meal. These treats work to freshen your dog’s breath and help keep its teeth clean and free of tartar.

Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix Exercise Requirements

The exercise requirements of this dog are not likely to be overly demanding. In fact, you may be able to exercise your Japanese Spitz Poodle mix by throwing a toy across your living room and allowing them to retrieve it for you! This dog is also likely to enjoy a daily walk.

Apart from physical exercise, it is important to provide this intelligent little dog with plenty of mental stimulation. Puzzle toys are a great way to engage the mind of your Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrid. You may also want to enroll this dog in agility competitions.

It is equally as important to exercise the mind of your Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrid as it is to exercise its body.

Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix and Families

This little dog can get along wonderfully with most families. Poodles are very outgoing and affectionate. The Japanese Spitz is smart and full of energy. When combined, you will have a dog that loves to play and spend time with its family.

The Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix and Other Pets

This hybrid can easily get along with other dogs. Neither the Japanese Spitz nor the Poodle is a particularly territorial breed.

However, to ensure that things go well, it is best to socialize your Japanese Spitz Poodle properly with other animals starting in puppyhood. Socialization will help to ensure that all pets in your home get along harmoniously!

Tips for Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix Training

The Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrid is incredibly intelligent. This dog will easily pick up on all kinds of new tricks.

With so much energy, this hybrid is likely to learn tasks quickly and complete them with lots of wagging and excitement. Since this dog learns so quickly, remember to form a close bond with them at an early age.

Potty Training Considerations

You should know that this mix could take some effort in the house training department as a puppy and maybe even as an adult. This is not because a Japanese Spitz Poodle hybrid is unintelligent.

Although this dog is smart and easy to train, it has a very small bladder. This means that it cannot wait for more than a couple of hours to use the bathroom.

As you teach your Japanese Spitz Poodle mix not to go potty in the house, remember that their bladder will not mature fully until they are at least six months old.

As such, you will need to let your puppy outside to use the bathroom at least every hour for a few months.

Even when fully grown, this small dog will likely need to go outside to defecate more often than certain large or medium dog breeds.

However, since this mix is so smart, you may be able to install a doggie door. As long as you have a fenced-in yard, this dog can easily be trusted to go in and out of the house as needed.

Locating Japanese Spitz Poodle Mix Puppies for Sale

This adorable designer breed can often be found for sale from small dog breeders. Although the Japanese Spitz is one of the rarer breeds, Poodles are very popular in the United States.

Remember to never purchase a Japanese Spitz Poodle from a puppy mill. Instead, find a toy or small dog breeder with experience caring for both breeds.

Take your time and get to know the breeder before reserving your puppy. This will help to ensure that you get a healthy, happy puppy with a good temperament. Try to bring home your puppy at exactly eight weeks old.

This is the ideal time to begin forming a bond with a young dog. After all, these dogs can live for many years! You definitely want to make a good investment and start things right.

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