Are Great Pyrenees Good Hiking Dogs?

Are Great Pyrenees Good Hiking Dogs

The Pyrenees are known to be particularly intelligent and protective and have a lot of energy to spare.

The question then comes down to whether or not the Great Pyrenees make good hiking companions. The answer to that question is yes. They are natural outdoor dogs used to spending their days guarding sheep. This pairing has helped them to become excellent protectors and family pets.

They are very friendly towards humans and other dogs. They are also very affectionate with children, but they will chase after other smaller animals, such as squirrels and rabbits.

The Great Pyrenees have a lot of stamina, meaning they can be on the move all day long while carrying their weight around the mountain trails.

Reasons Why the Great Pyrenees Are Good Hiking Dogs

Great Pyrenees Are Powerful Dogs

The Great Pyrenees might be big and fluffy, but they are also relatively muscular and powerful. The breed originated in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain.

Due to their mountainous environment, they had to be able to travel long distances while carrying their weight. This is precisely why they make great hiking companions.

If you’re looking to hit the trails with your pup, you’ll need a dog that can carry its weight while trekking miles daily.

Your dog must have enough energy left over after a hike to be playful and energetic in the evenings or on rest days.

The great Pyrenees are perfect for long hikes and are not prone to overheating during hot summer days. Their fur protects them from extreme temperatures, and they love getting sun on their backs.

Great Pyrenees Have a Solid Protective Nature

The Great Pyrenees is very protective towards its family, but it’s also protective of other dogs it considers equals. This means these dogs will not like being around other or smaller animals.

They prefer to be in charge! They don’t like being submissive around other animals, so you’ll have to take control when hiking with them.

While they are perfect protectors, the Great Pyrenees can also be a little too protective. They can pick fights with other dogs if they feel threatened by them.

Great Pyrenees Love the Outdoors

The great Pyrenees tend to be athletic rather than couch potato dogs regarding their exercise routine. They love long hikes and go for long runs in the woods.

The breed has a lot of energy and will love being on a hiking adventure with you or another pet buddy.

You can take them anywhere, on a dirt path or a hiking trail. They will be enthusiastic the whole time and love playing outdoors.

Great Pyrenees Are Intelligent Dogs

The Great Pyrenees is known to be an intelligent breed. It has been a watchdog for many years, and they need to be good at reading other dogs’ body language to know how to react.

They learn very quickly, and you’ll find that they pick up any commands you teach them. They love to please their owners, which makes them great companions on outings, including hikes.

Great Pyrenees Are Very Protective of Their Owners

The Great Pyrenees is one of the breeds that are most likely to be protective of its owners. They are very loyal to their masters and will go to great lengths to protect them from harm. This means they have a solid instinctual need to be near their owner.

On the other hand, this makes them good bird scaring or guard dogs suitable for protecting livestock and homes. The Great Pyrenees is incredibly protective of his pack and family members.

Great Pyrenees Are Very Focused Dogs

The Great Pyrenees is known to be a very focused dog. This means they are great at sticking to their tasks and completing the job before them without having to be told again.

They act independently and know how to stick to a routine or a schedule. They will be able to stick close by at all times, even if you have multiple other dogs around you on a hike.

Will the Great Pyrenees Get Along with Other Dogs

The great Pyrenees tend to be pack animals that like to live in packs. When raised with other dogs, they usually accept and treat them as equals.

They tend to be very friendly towards other dogs that are not much smaller or much bigger than them.

They can get into fights with dogs their size or more prominent than them, but they will have no problems getting along with most dogs.

Will the Great Pyrenees Get Along with Cats

The Great Pyrenees tend to be independent and do not like being disrespected. It is known for being very protective of its owners, so it will not like other dogs in the household to come closer than necessary.

If a Great Pyrenees comes into contact with a cat, it will most likely try to fight them off.

This means you might want to keep your pet social cat away from your Great Pyrenees while they’re hiking or walking in the woods together. It would be best to keep your pet indoors while hiking with its owner.

Can Great Pyrenees Hike Long Distances?

The Great Pyrenees is an imposing dog. It can cover long distances with ease and won’t tire quickly.

Many people who have raised Great Pyrenees dogs report that their dogs could probably walk the length of the entire country in one day or less if they wanted to. You can take them on long hikes, and they will not tire, even after a 24-hour trip!

Great Pyrenees – What Exercise Should I Give Them?

The Great Pyrenees tend to be very active in exercise and activity. They will be good at being active on daily hikes and long walks.

They love being allowed to run free or play plenty of games in the yard every day. Because they are active and have so much energy in working out, you must ensure they have plenty of opportunities to do so.

Are Great Pyrenees Leash-Friendly?

The great Pyrenees are usually very independent dogs, so they don’t like being on a leash too much. They want to be able to roam freely without restrictions from their owners.

They are not very friendly towards other dogs, often stay on the opposite side of the fence, and do not associate with other canines.

It would be best if you were careful of this when you’re hiking together or taking your Great Pyrenees for long trips, as it can be dangerous to have pets running around on the trails.

How Can You Keep the Great Pyrenees Entertained on the Hike?

You can keep the Great Pyrenees happily occupied for hours if you bring along plenty of toys and balls. The breed enjoys playing fetch, so you’ll always have something new to use as a distraction.

It would be best if you also considered a toy that will help keep your Great Pyrenees mentally stimulated.

The Great Pyrenees is a brilliant and curious dog, so you might want to give it something to keep it from getting bored on a long hike.

There are plenty of toys on the market for dogs to get their minds busy. It would help if you also thought about some quality treats for your furry friend.

In conclusion, the Great Pyrenees is a fantastic hiking dogs. They are very athletic and can be trusted to keep you safe on the trail. Their intelligence makes them perfect for hiking.

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