Can Great Pyrenees Be Left Alone? When Can We Stop Worrying?

Can Great Pyrenees Be Left Alone

The great Pyrenees are loyal and loving, as is well-known. They expect your full attention. They’re hard to ignore. They must learn to be independent with a plan, as I said.

Adult Great Pyrenees slumber more often. So, teaching youngsters to be content isn’t hard. Young puppies left alone for long periods can be destructive.

For How Longer Can the Vast Pyrenees Be Ignored?

8-10-week-old Great Pyrenees puppies have been weaned. Puppies this age usually sleep 15 to 20 hours a day. So could you pay close attention to them?

They’re ready to go when they awaken after an hour or two of sleep. As newborns, they may get famished and look for food. You can lengthen that time with the correct methods (up to 5 months).

Great Pyrenees Puppies Aged 6-18 Months

Great Pyrenees puppies between the ages of 6 and 18 may have been properly socialized and trained in the basics of obedience. And with some positive reinforcement training, they might be able to enjoy their independence for even longer.

The great Pyrenees, At Their Prime

The great Pyrenees that have reached maturity can be left alone for 4-6 hours at a time without getting anxious. I highlighted a few methods we can use to extend that period.

But when we consider the enormous ancient Pyrenees, it is debatable. Because they may be predisposed to various health problems, you can spend 2-6 hours a day away from your elderly Great Pyrenees.

How Do You Leave Your Massive Pyrenees Alone?

In truth, patience, confidence, and consistency are required to succeed in this procedure. However, before leaving the dog alone, you must ensure that the dog’s surroundings are safe. Now is the moment to consider how you can manage to do this.

Pay Close Attention to the Following

  • They were left alone for about 5 minutes to allow you to ease into things. Repeat this process and work up to longer intervals.
  • Make sure to tire them with activities before heading into the office. Their power will be released at that point, and they might maintain their composure throughout the day.
  • Remember the importance of maintaining their mental health.
  • Use a dog gate or a crate to keep them contained.
  • Don’t make them go hungry.
  • Always have a spare toilet paper handy.
  • To keep them occupied, offer their favorite chew toys or other playthings.
  • Hold on to the pristine water you’ve been storing.

Strategies To Help You Ignore Your Massive Pyrenees

In this section, I will explain some strategies to ensure your Great Pyrenees are left alone while you are away.

Enjoy A Relaxing Stroll Before Or After Work

Take a brisk 20-minute or so stroll before heading into the office. It will be beneficial to you. In this way, we can aid them in releasing pent-up energy.

They will be able to maintain a state of inner tranquillity all day long. In addition, take a long stroll right after getting home. You and your Great Pyrenees can also play garden games.

When You Can’t Be There For Your Dog, Hiring A Dog Walker or Sitter Is Best

Dog sitting and dog walking services are, surprisingly, not too expensive. Instead of leaving your great Pyrenees outside all day, I think you should bring them inside with you.

It’s clear from talking to them that they adore canines. In general, they could perhaps educate your dog in the necessary skills. You’ll benefit immensely, too.

Try to Locate a Job That’s near Your House

Most of us know that most individuals have to work from 9 to 5. This is why many people feel comfortable leaving their great Pyrenees alone for extended periods. The crucial point, though, is this. If you can locate a job that isn’t too far from your house, you might even be able to go home for lunch every day.

Your dog will benefit from an uninterrupted evening’s rest.

Equip Yourself with a Doggie Camera

Alternatively, a dog camera could be the answer. The following are standard features of doggy cameras.

  • Open communication
  • Online video broadcasting in real time
  • Throw out the candy

Your Smartphone makes it simple to use.

It’s a proper technique that will let you spend long hours alone with your great Pyrenees. How? They can see and hear you, so they know you are talking. A friendly greeting and goodie offer can go a long way.

Crate Size Considerations, If You Plan On Using One

The crate you should get for your Great Pyrenees should be significantly bigger than your dog. You should be careful if you get a puppy these days since they will grow into huge dogs. Your great Pyrenees should feel at home in their crate as they mature.

Despite their size, you should still get a massive crate for them.

This Is Where the Box Is Stashed

It’s one of the main reasons we’ve chosen to ignore them for so long. The reason is that we must ensure they are not experiencing any emotional distress. Others, though, used to lock them up when they were away.

It’s preferable to stay in a spacious crate with a pleasant view rather than a small, windowless room. Keep it in mind.

Bring Him a Friend

A companion dog is a good idea if your Great Pyrenees can’t handle being alone while you’re gone. It would help avoid the negative effects of isolation and separation. They will continue to be cordial and concerned for one another throughout the day.

The Great Pyrenees can usually get along with any other kind of dog. A huge dog, like a husky, German shepherd, etc., is ideal. Remember, though, that two adult Pyrenees of the same sex might not make the best of friends.

If You Leave Your Great Pyrenees Alone For Too Long, What Will Happen To Them?

If you were to abandon them for too long, they might have emotional and physical problems. Unfortunately, many dog owners don’t give a hoot about such details.

The Anxiety of Being Separated from Loved Ones

Your Great Pyrenees will have separation anxiety whenever you have to leave them alone. You should show him that he is not alone. The preceding guidelines are, therefore, obligatory.

Make sure he doesn’t feel any separation between you and his mother by showing him love and affection on the first day you bring him home.

Make an effort to spend the first few days with only one individual. You must realize the difficulty of dealing with separation anxiety.

It would help if you didn’t abandon them in your yard because the Great Pyrenees is a very vocal dog breed. That barking may be very irritating to your neighbors.

Disturbed Sleep at Night

This is a huge deal. However, this may disrupt their natural sleep pattern, leading to poor rest.

Negative Habits Can Be Demonstrated

Nothing further needs to be said. If you watched the video up there, you would realize how damaging they can be. It is at this point that they will begin gnawing on your belongings. What’s more, things may get even worse.

If they get too destructive, they might urinate or dig in the yard, for example.

Issues with a Long-Term Perspective

Some chronic problems can develop if you routinely leave your Great Pyrenees alone for extended periods.


The majority of people who are passionate about Great Pyrenees dogs share a similar challenge. One such question is, “Can the Great Pyrenees be left alone?” The good news is that you’ve found an incredibly comprehensive guide that should help you learn all you need.

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