Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix: Meet the Playful Intelligent Dog

Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Do you love energetic, intelligent, small dog breeds? Have you been looking for a dog that will be easy to care for and train?

If you’ve been seeking a smart, active, and healthy hybrid with a curious and friendly personality, look no further than the Jack Russell terrier Maltese mix. This cute little canine is wonderful for the right family!

The Maltese Jack Russell Terrier cross results from breeding a Maltese with a Jack Russell Terrier.

This hybrid dog will be small in stature and have a vibrant personality. Expect your jack Russell Terrier Maltese mix to require consistent training. These smart pups can be stubborn at times.

This mix may also need lots of affection and mental stimulation. Still, if you have been looking for a wonderfully quirky and fun little dog, this is an excellent choice!

About the Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Like any mixed-breed dog, every Jack Russell Terrier Maltese hybrid will be different. These dogs could have long or short coats, round or almond-shaped eyes, friendly or reserved personalities, and a range of behavioral characteristics.

However, since the Maltese and the Jack Russell Terrier both have many predictable traits, some attributes are predictable with this cross.

Jack Russell Terrier Mix History

Jack Russell Terriers can trace their roots to the small, white Fox Terriers and English Terriers that existed half a millennia ago. The first Jack Russels likely were bred by the Reverend John Russell.

He wanted a little dog for hunting and companionship. In 1795, he bred the first Jack Russel Terriers through selectively crossing various English White Terriers. The resulting Jack Russel dogs were intelligent, capable, and tenacious.

Maltese History

The Maltese may be one of the most ancient toy dog breeds. In fact, evidence of Maltese dogs can be found from thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean Islands.

Although little is known about the origin or spread of the Maltese breed, many believe that these dogs came from south-central Europe. Others think that the Maltese dog was developed in Egypt!

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix

There are a few reasons you should avoid adopting or purchasing a Jack Russell Terrier Maltese mix. For one thing, these dogs are very small and have delicate bone structures. This makes them prone to injury.

Additionally, these are highly intelligent dogs. They need a positive up bring and require a lot of mental stimulation. As such, you will want to be ready to devote plenty of time and attention to training and playing with this dog.

Moreover, this dog will have a very tiny bladder. This means that it can take a lot of time and dedication to completely housebreak your Jack Russell Terrier Maltese hybrid. If you are not able to let this dog out to do its business every hour, you might need to buy some puppy pads.

Finally, this hybrid will need good dental care to prevent issues later in life. Teaching your dog to enjoy having its teeth brushed and gnawing on dental chews is a great way to help maintain healthy teeth!

Reasons to Avoid the Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix

  • Needs lots of play and attention
  • Easily injured
  • Could quickly learn negative behaviors
  • Hard to fully housetrain until adulthood
  • Requires vigilant supervision around kids until full-grown
  • Could need special dental care

Reasons Why You Should Get a Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Cross

If you want a perky dog that will stick by your side throughout the day, this is a wonderful pet!

These adorable and smart little dogs are perfect for owners who want a fun and playful companion for years to come.

The Jack Russell Terrier Maltese hybrid is easy to train and can learn various behaviors. These dogs are also great at getting along with others. They are affectionate toward their families and can do well in households with multiple pets.

Also, this mix is easier to care for than a purebred Maltese or Jack Russell Terrier. For one thing, they tend to be very healthy. Additionally, they have soft, fluffy coats that come in many lengths and are easier to groom than the coat of the Maltese. They also don’t shed much!

Reasons to Own the Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix

  • Incredibly cute and quirky
  • Comparatively healthy mix
  • Funny, sweet, energetic personality
  • Great for apartments or small spaces
  • Minimal shedders
  • Good with kids and pets when fully grown
  • Lower-maintenance coats
  • Easy to train and highly intelligent

The Appearance of the Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix

If you want a cute little dog with many quirky and endearing traits, this hybrid is a great choice! Jack Russell Terrier Maltese hybrids have short legs, semi-long bodies, distinctive muzzles, and ears that can either be floppy or pointy. They’re simply adorable!

Traits and Personality of the Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Hybrid

This is an outgoing, intelligent, and boisterous dog with an affectionate and jolly personality. Jack Russell Terriers are noted for their perky, curious, and loving personalities.

They often enjoy doing tricks, playing games, and interacting with toys. Maltese dogs are incredibly affectionate and loyal.

However, this dog can be very clingy and may have a difficult time adjusting to complicated family dynamics.

For this reason, socialization is important for a Jack Russell Terrier Maltese mix. Be sure to introduce these dogs to other pets, people, and children at the right times, in a positive environment.

Some Jack Russell Terriers are more stubborn and standoffish than others, though almost all Jack Russel Terriers are intelligent and highly motivated by engaging activities.

Maltese dogs are very similar to Jack Russell Terriers in that they enjoy interacting with people and learning tricks.

However, the Maltese dog is often more affectionate than the Jack Russell Terrier. This dog enjoys sitting on laps and snuggling up next to its owners on the couch.

Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix Coat and Colors

The coat of the Jack Russell Terrier Maltese hybrid can be soft, wiry, long, short, or something in between. Most of the time, this dog will have a medium-length coat that sheds minimally. Jack Russell Terriers are not particularly heavy shedders.

Maltese dogs hardly shed at all and have a coat that grows continuously. The main coat colors for this dog are white and tan. Most Jack Russell Maltese crosses are predominantly white with tan patches on the body. They may also have tan ears, paws, and tails.

Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix Grooming Needs

The grooming needs of this hybrid can vary dramatically. If your Jack Russell Terrier Maltese hybrid has a long, silky coat, it will need to be brushed daily. Some Jack Russell Maltese mixes have medium-length, wiry coats. These shorter coats are easier to care for.

Getting your dog used to grooming appointments as a puppy will make it easier to groom and bathe them later in life.

Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Lifespan

Both the Jack Russell terrier and the Maltese are healthy dogs with relatively long life spans. You can expect a Maltese Jack Russell Terrier hybrid to live about 12 years! To help your dog live a longer and happier life, make sure that they are fed a well-balanced diet, offered good dental care, and protected from injury.

Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix Health Problems

In many cases, these mixed breed dogs are healthier than their purebred parents. This is because they have greater levels of genetic diversity, reducing the chances of hereditary diseases. Still, keep an eye out for ocular issues, dental issues, and allergies.

Make sure that your puppy gets all of its vaccines at the right time. This small dog could be highly susceptible to parvovirus in puppyhood.

The Energy and Exercise Requirements of a Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix

This is likely to be an energetic and easily excitable dog. As such, you will want to offer it plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise. Luckily, this small dog can meet its daily physical activity quota inside your home.

Playing fetch, hiding toys, teaching tricks, and other indoor training activities allow your dog to get physical and mental stimulation at the same time. Otherwise, a brisk daily walk should do the trick. Adequate exercise will help your dog burn off any excess energy.

Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix Food Requirements

This crossbreed can thrive on various diets. You can feed it dry kibble, raw diets, or wet food. Keep in mind that this dog is prone to certain dental issues. Indeed, many small dogs suffer from dental problems as they age. Use dental chews and teeth brushing to prevent tooth decay, plaque buildup, tartar, and other dental issues.

The Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix and Families

Jack Russell Terrier Maltese mixes often enjoy the company of children. However, be sure to teach your children how to handle a small, delicate dog. This little pup could easily be injured accidentally.

Be particularly careful when your Jack Russell Terrier Maltese mix is around children as a puppy. Puppies are clumsier and less vigilant than adult dogs.

They may easily get stepped on or hurt if left alone with children. This can result in a negative opinion of children for your dog and may lead to the formation of aggression or anxiety toward kids.

The Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix and Other Pets

This happy little dog can get along harmoniously with other animals in your house, provided that they are socialized with them from a young age.

After your puppy has finished all of its vaccinations, you can begin introducing it to other dogs. Use plenty of treats, praise, and play to ensure that your dog has a great time meeting others.

This same strategy can be used to help your dog get along well with cats. Keep in mind that Jack Russell Terriers were originally working dogs.

As such, they often enjoy chasing cats. Proceed with caution when introducing this dog to cats and other animals that may run away. If the other animal runs, your dog might want to chase after it! Avoid letting this take place.

Tips for Training Your Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Jack Russell Terrier Maltese mixes are incredibly intelligent and capable of learning various tricks quickly.

However, these dogs can pick up on unwanted behaviors just as quickly. For this reason, you will need to dedicate plenty of time and effort to training.

Try to prevent your puppy from having traumatic or negative experiences. These experiences can have lasting impacts on such an intelligent dog. Issues like anxiety or aggression often develop from traumatic puppyhood experiences. Do not reinforce anxious behaviors through affection.

Instead, wait until your dog is in a calm and relaxed state of mind. Then, give praise and pets.

House Training Considerations

Before adopting this dog, have a potty training strategy ready and be well-armed with supplies.

Otherwise, you may wind up feeling stressed and frustrated. House training may be more difficult with a tiny dog like this. The smaller your dog is, the more potty breaks it will likely need. This is because smaller dogs have smaller bladders.

If you adopt or purchase a Jack Russell Terrier Maltese puppy, be prepared to let them outside to use the restroom at least once per hour through puppyhood.

You should also let your puppy outside 15 minutes after they drink water, wake up from naps, and after exciting play sessions.

If you will not be able to let your Jack Russell Terrier Maltese mix outside every hour on the hour, consider using puppy pads. Keep in mind that switching between puppy pads and outdoor potty breaks can take a lot of effort.

Maltese Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppies for Sale

Many breeders sell toy and small dog hybrids. Since Jack Russell Terriers and Maltese dogs are both popular in the United States, finding a Jack Russell Terrier Maltese hybrid is not impossible. Remember to select your Jack Russel Maltese breeder with care and consideration.

Choose a small dog breeder that is experienced with both the Maltese and the Jack Russell breeds.

Before bringing your puppy home, make sure to get as much information about both of its parents from the breeder as possible. This will help you predict the future traits of your mix!

Never adopt a Maltese Jack Russell Terrier hybrid from a puppy mill, as these institutions often produce sickly, unsocialized puppies.

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