Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix: Meet the Friendly Calm Dog

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix

Humans and dogs have been close companions for a long time, but most know little about dogs. One thing you must know about dogs is that there are different breeds worldwide.

Each dog breed tends to differ from other breeds either by size, coat color, and other physical features.

One unique breed is the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix, a cross-breed between the Weimaraner and the Great Pyrenees.

This article will give you a deeper understanding of the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix.

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix

As stated above, the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix is a cross-breed between the Weimaraner and the Great Pyrenees.

Both these dogs have different personalities, origins, and characteristics, which makes the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix a magnificent animal. Here’s a little history about the two breeds.

The Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is a pure breed dog from Germany and can be traced back to the 19th century.in some parts of the world, the Weimaraner is known as the Raner.

The Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Karl August, an avid hunter, named this dog breed not from his name but from his court, which was based in Weimar.

Originally the Weimaraner was bred for hunting, specifically for the royal families. The royal family was mainly used for hunting large game like deer and boar.

The Great Pyrenees

The origins of the great Pyrenees can be traced back to the Pyrenees mountain regions of France and Spain, where they were primarily bred as shepherd dogs hence their name.

These dogs protected the livestock from predators, especially the wolves. Since they originated from the mountainous regions of Europe, these dogs are well adapted to extremely low temperatures and mountainous terrain.

In most parts of the European nations and the United Kingdom, the Great Pyrenees is known as the Pyrenean Mountain dog. There was also a time when the Great Pyrenees was the royal dog of France.

When herding livestock, the Great Pyrenees prefers to blend in with the flock; from there, they can keep an eye out for anything that may harm the flock. Watching this dog at work protecting its owner’s flock is genuinely beautiful.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix

They are prone to certain health conditions related to their parental breeds, such as cancer, eye diseases, bleeding disorders, and a digestive syndrome known as bloat.

The Weimaraner Great Pyrenees tend to bark quite often as a sign of boredom. They are excessively vocal, incredibly, when bored. Also, as a sign of their boredom, they tend to exhibit destructive chewing, which involves chewing through drywall and ripping the stuffings out of their sofa.

They are brilliant, making them quickly pick up bad habits, and are mostly suited for experienced owners rather than new ones.

They are bullies and prefer to be treated as they like; for example, they always want to sleep where you sleep.

They are not easy to train since they are easily distracted by almost everything.

They are very active; hence they need large open spaces to thrive.

They are also aggressive, making it hard for you to own other pets, especially those of the same sex. Also, they have a strong instinct to attack small animals like cats and rabbits.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix

They are among the most intelligent dog breeds around since they can quickly master new skills, especially when there aren’t any distractions. With patience and consistency, they are very trainable.

They are very friendly and can also be used to watch over the children since protection is part of their instinct. Also, they are very playful, which makes them excellent companions.

They are excellent guard dogs since they are fearless, watchful, dominant, hostile to strangers, and loyal to their owners.

Their coats are usually easy to manage since they don’t shed that often.

They are not naturally aggressive since they are natural guardians and protectors, which can change when provoked.

They have a longer lifespan of up to 12 years, especially when you take good care of them.

They aren’t expensive to maintain since they are not big eaters, helping you save on the cash you would have spent on dog food. But remember, you must give them a wholesome meal for healthy growth.

Appearance Of Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix

Since the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix is a cross breed of the Great Pyrenees and the Weimaraner, they tend to bear the appearance of both breeds. Some Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix tend to be hypoallergenic, while some aren’t.

The intelligence level of the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix tends to differ just like in humans, but all dogs of this breed are hilly intelligent compared to other dog breeds. The ears of a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix tend to be naturally floppy.

Most Weimaraner Great Pyrenees tend to weigh between 75 – 140 lbs. Their height ranges from 23 -32 inches.

Generally, Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix is usually medium-sized dogs. The Weimaraner Great Pyrenees’ drool tendency is medium, and their snoring levels are low compared to other dog breeds. Also, a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees’ life span ranges from 10 – 13 years.

Personality Of Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix

Like all dogs, the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix is very affectionate and loves attention. They’ll let you know if you ignore them, especially by barking, which can be very loud and unpleasant. Other personality traits of the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix include:

  • Stubbornness
  • Loving
  • Jealous, especially if they think you are giving other pets more attention than them.
  • Willingness to please
  • They like to snuggle and prefer sleeping on their owners’ beds.
  • They are very active and playful.

The Coat and Colors of Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix

unlike their parents, the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix’s coat length is neither medium nor short.

Their coat is usually dense, straight, double-coated, and covered by fur. Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix can be found in various colors like white with gray, tan, black or brown markings, and reddish brown.

The Traits of a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix

unlike most dog breeds, the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix tends to lack the alpha mentality; though they prefer being in packs, in rare cases, they won’t mind being independent.

These dogs are easily distracted, which makes training them outside an uphill battle. They also lack patience which makes them quite unpredictable.

Regarding aggression, the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix is not aggressive but mostly depends on the situation. Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix is quite average when it comes to following commands. Other traits of the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix are:

  • They are below average in fights
  • They are pretty fast, with a top speed of 35 mph
  • Their overall friendliness is average
  • Their burrowing ability is below average
  • Their chasing ability is very high

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix Puppies for Sale

Since Weimaraner Great Pyrenees are mostly regarded as designer dogs due to the need to cross-breed their parents, they are mostly found at pet stores though some individuals breed them specifically for sale.

Unless its owner abandoned it, you’d rarely find a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix at an animal shelter. When you choose to get a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix, it’s best to ask about the parents, especially their health history.

Grooming Your Weimaraner Great Pyrenees

It’s always hard to know if your dog is a shedder; hence it’s wise always to have a vacuum cleaner around.

Generally, Weimaraner Great Pyrenees aren’t known shaders which makes their maintenance costs relatively low thanks to their medium-sized coats. To keep off any dead hair, a weekly brush session is advised. You should also ensure to give them regular baths but not much that it makes their skin dry out.

For proper dental hygiene of your Weimaraner, Great Pyrenees mix, regular brushing is advised, accompanied by a healthy diet and chew toys.

Always trim your Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix nails when they start touching the ground when they walk, and always check their feet for wounds or bruises. Also, your dog’s grooming sessions should include regular eye and ear exams.

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix Health Problems

Just like humans, all dogs are more susceptible to some health problems than other dogs.

This trait is usually dependent on the pup’s parents; that’s why whenever you go to get a dog, it’s wise to get a young puppy and always inquire about the health history of its parents.

Since Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix is a cross breed, it’s susceptible to dog diseases such as bloat, drug sensitivity, hip dysplasia, heart problems, bone cancer entropion, and other common health conditions are a result of neglect.

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix Food Requirements

As stated above, Weimaraner Great Pyrenees aren’t huge eaters, making them the perfect animal companion.

Since every dog has specific dietary needs, chondroitin, fish oil, and glucosamine supplements are must-haves in a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix diet; this is mainly because Weimaraner Great Pyrenees are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia.

It is important to remember that most dogs in the country suffer from being overweight due to overfeeding. So, always ensure that you feed your Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix the right amount of food.

If you don’t know the right amount, you can ask your veterinarian or breeder from whom you got your Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix. Also, overfeeding your Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix may worsen your dog’s hip or elbow dysplasia.

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix Exercise Requirements

Like humans, the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix needs to exercise to stay healthy and sharp. Two hours of exercise are suitable for your dog.

For strong teeth, a chew toy is best. Since Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix are naturally active, taking them for walks or letting them run around in the open is suitable for their muscle and bone development.

Remember, the two hours aren’t the maximum; they are the minimum since Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix are usually energetic, so to have a good sleep, they must be tired.

The Weimaraner Great Pyrenees are excellent swimmers, so you can let them horn their swimming skills whenever it’s safe.

Also, brain exercises like puzzles are suitable for your Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix since they help keep their brains sharp.

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix Training

By now, it’s pretty evident that Weimaraner Great Pyrenees are intelligent dogs, so training them isn’t going to be that hard.

But for the training sessions to be productive, you must ensure that there aren’t any distractions around since Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix tend to have a short attention span.

Since Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix are strong-willed by nature, reward-based training is the most effective training option.

When you bring home a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix, it’s wise to set clear boundaries immediately since they are creatures that have problems with breaking a particular habit.

When it comes to socializing, you must introduce your dog to other people and pets early enough since a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix takes a while to warm to new people or animals.

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix easily picks bad habits quickly, same as good ones, hence why they are suited for experienced dog owners. Also, consistency during training is vital for a Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix.

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix and Families

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees are very affectionate animals, making it relatively more accessible for them to warm up to your family.

But if you have children in the house, it’s not wise to get a grown Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix; instead, get a young pup.

Also, you must be observant of your dog’s body language so that you can be able to spot it whenever they are stressed.

Stress isn’t good for animals, so whenever you notice your dog is stressed, ensure that you change the environment before the situation escalates.

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees Mix and Other Pets

Weimaraner Great Pyrenees are very social with other pets only if introduced to them earlier. Introduction to other dogs and animals earlier allows them to see these other animals as friends and not threats.

Also, it’s wise to keep cats and other male dogs away due to the hunting and territorial nature of the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix.

Is the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees mix the right dog for you?

You must consider many things before settling on what dog breed to get, such as their feeding habits and behavior around people.

From the information above, it’s evident that the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees is best if owned by an experienced dog owner since they are very strong-willed.

If your first time getting a dog and your mind and heart are set on the Weimaraner Great Pyrenees, you can hire a dog trainer to help you train it.

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