Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix: Meet the Independent Calm Dog

Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix

The Great Pyrenees Shar Pei Mix is a hybrid canine descended from the shar-pei and the Great Pyrenees. Dogs of these species have the potential to be sociable, but individual temperaments vary widely. As a breed, Chinese Shar-Peis are considered to be loving, cautious, and faithful. An animal’s behavior in social situations is greatly influenced … Read more

Are Great Pyrenees Aggressive? What You Should Know

Are Great Pyrenees Aggressive

If you ever thought about acquiring the Great Pyrenees as your next pet, you likely asked one of the top questions everyone has about large breeds. Are Great Pyrenees aggressive? And you are likely not interested in the generic answer that says any dog can be aggressive. Potential owners want to address pertinent issues such … Read more