Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix: Meet the Gentle Smart Dog

samoyed great pyrenees mix

Dogs are fun and quite friendly, but their personalities differ. You won’t know for sure until you interact with the dog. If you are thinking about bringing a Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix into your home, there is much to learn.

Hybrid dogs are usually tough to understand since there isn’t a lot of history about them. Here is a complete guide on the Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix.

What Is The Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix?

The Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix is a cross-breed dog resulting from the Samoyed and the Great Pyrenees. They are considered elegant, fearless, and confident dog breeds. Due to increased demands, breeders are breeding many of these dogs.

You will enjoy having your mixed breed, but there are some downsides to having such a puppy in your care.

All dogs, especially mixed ones, can potentially develop health issues. But when you take proper care and give attention to the dog, you will keep your Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix as healthy as possible.

The hybrid dog will be an adjustment, especially for an inexperienced or new owner.

They can be pretty unpredictable since they take from two different breeds. But once you understand their grooming needs and dietary requirements, everything will run smoothly.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix

These are great animals to have as pets, but there are some cons you should be aware of before you get the mixed breed.

  • If they take a lot from the Great Pyrenees’ side, there is potential for animal aggression. There is a strong instinct to drive away animals that don’t belong in their family. So you have to watch if you have other animals in the house.
  • Grooming is tricky if the dog gets most of its traits from the Samoyed side. You will have to come up with clever tactics to get around grooming.
  • You must show them honestly that you mean what you say because they are wilful dogs. Being bossy and demanding animals the way they are, it’s going to be hard raising them as indoor companions.
  • They don’t do well in the hot weather climate
  • They are not the best breed for senior citizens

Reasons Why You Should Get a Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix

This Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix is increasingly becoming popular because of these reasons.

  • They are very playful dogs, which makes them perfect for kids; they love outdoor activities. The high-energy dogs will stay active most of the time.
  • They are brilliant dogs, so training should be easy. They look forward to performing tricks and taking orders from you.
  • The Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix breed makes excellent watchdogs because they are brave and alert. They are also very loyal dogs.
  • They make unique pets thanks to their different personalities and charming behaviors.
  • It will be an easy dog to clean if they get most of its traits from the Great Pyrenees’ side.
  • They can quickly get along with other animals.

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colours, Lifespan, and Traits of a Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix


Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix dogs have an unpredictable physical appearance. Every puppy will be different depending on which traits they inherit from both their parents. A quick look at both parents will tell you what to expect from a mixed puppy.

Large dogs can weigh up to 150 pounds, but most are about 50 to 90 pounds. Most of their trails usually hang down low. Try looking at pictures of the hybrid dog to have a vague clue of what yours may look like.


They are excellent family dogs; they get along with children and are easy to train. But what stands out is their inquisitive nature and playfulness. Personality is also unpredictable because they are born from two different dog breeds.

They take watchdog duties very seriously and expect a lot of barking if they have most Great Pyrenees genes. Like most dogs, they are pretty social; make an effort to socialize them because it will pay off in the long run.

Coat and Colors

A Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix will have a double-layered coat with either long or mid-sized hair.

The undercoat is usually thick and soft; it will feel smooth and wooly when you touch the dog.

Expect your mixed dog to come in white or white with different markings depending on which parent they take from.


The lifespan of the Great Pyrenees is 10 to 12 years. The Samoyed lifespan is 12 to 14 years. Expect your Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix to have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

For your dog to live a whole life, you must ensure they eat right and get enough care. Managing any health issues along the way will also help your dog live past ten years.


Both the Great Pyrenees and the Samoyed are medium-sized dogs. So the mixed breed will also be the same size, or it can get a bit bigger.

The most common color is white, but you will also find cream, black, and brown dogs. The coat is usually straight or wiry.

They have almond-shaped eyes, pointed ears, and broad heads. It’s a double-coated breed that sheds a moderate amount, significantly when seasons change.

They are playful, gentle, and friendly dogs. Their average height is between 1 foot and 2 feet and 5 inches tall.

Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix puppies for sale

Most people go through a breeder to get a Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix puppy. The puppy will cost you anything between $ 500 and $ 800. It’s not always guaranteed you will find the mixed breed puppy for sale. The availability might increase the cost slightly.

Ensure you inspect the quality of the puppy before purchase to ensure you are getting a healthy dog. If you get a unique color combination, it might also make the puppy more costly.

If your breeder doesn’t have the type of dog you want, you should try looking at animal rescues.

Grooming Your Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix

Grooming is a crucial part of dog care; the most important factor is brushing the coat. You should invest in a good vacuum cleaner because shedding is inevitable. The Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix is a moderate maintenance dog.

Brush your dog at least once every two to three days. Get a good-quality brush that fits the dog’s coat. Always brush in the direction of the hair growth to ensure your dog isn’t feeling any pain.

Brush the dog outside if you want to keep the mess away from your house.

You can get away with bathing the dog every four or six weeks. Washing the dog too often can cause dry skin, leading to more shedding. The high-quality shampoo will help moisturize the skin after a bath.

Grooming ensures your dog stays healthy and looks its best. The dog will also need nail clipping and eye and ear cleaning. If you can’t perform all these by yourself, hire a professional groomer every once in a while.

Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix Health Problems

Most hybrid dogs come with minor or significant genetic health concerns. But the good thing about getting a puppy is avoiding all these potential problems. When you give the puppy proper care from birth, they will have a long healthy life.

It would help if you tried understanding the parent’s genetic health concerns in preparation for your mixed-breed dog.

Once you have the dog in your care, visit the vet for a complete examination. Preventative treatment sometimes is best rather than waiting for the dog to fall ill before you act.

Your Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix might be prone to these health problems.

  • Glaucoma
  • Entropion
  • Gastric Torsion
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Bone care
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Retinal dysplasia

Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix Food Requirements

Diet is usually done per dog because they all have unique needs. But when you have a mixed dog prone to elbow and hip dysplasia, you should introduce fish oil supplements as soon as possible.

Overfeeding any breed of dog is not a good idea. An overweight dog quickly gets sick and might not live a long life.

It would help if you fed an adult dog twice daily, but a puppy needs three to four meals daily. Please find out how much food your dog requires based on its weight from a vet.

There are commercial dog foods formulated specifically for the Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix.

However, a raw food diet is highly recommended. You can also make homemade dog food for your pet.

This allows you to control the ingredients and ensure the dog gets all the nutritional properties they need to stay healthy.

Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix Exercise Requirements

This is a hybrid of two active breeds; the dog will likely have high energy levels. They require a lot of exercises to stay happy and healthy. Plan to take your dog on daily walks runs, or hikes to keep their muscles toned.

Regular exercise will help keep the dog’s energy low, which prevents them from being destructive. Keeping the cardiovascular system in great shape is also why your dog needs physical activities.

Exercise prevents the dog from becoming bored, and it’s a perfect opportunity to spend time and play with your pet. Introduce the pet to any interactive game you can think of.

Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix Training

Being the intelligent animals that they are, training a Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix will be easy.

Every dog is unique and will respond differently to your training. But most of these hybrid dogs are responsive and eager to learn.

The Great Pyrenees are headstrong and stubborn, making them challenging to train. If your mixed dog takes after the Great Pyrenees, you will need to be very authoritative and mean what you say but use a gentle voice. Be consistent with your commands.

Positive reinforcements always work when you are training a dog. You will successfully get the dog to do tricks or obey commands with persistence and patience. Start preparing early by issuing basic commands.

When you start early, you will teach them proper manners around the house and outside. You can also control the dog and keep their hunting instincts at bay.

Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix and Families

These are very loyal and protective dogs, which significantly add to the family. The gentle creatures also get along well with children. They quickly learn commands, which make it easier to co-exist in the house.

The dog will be a great playmate to kids of all ages. You can take them outdoors and have fun whenever you want. They are typically very tolerant; it is a great trait when you have kids and smaller pets.

Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix and Other Pets

If you are considering getting a Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix and are wondering if they will get along with the other pets in the house, you don’t have to worry. Fortunately, they can be very friendly and gentle. They mix well with other animal playmates.

If you monitor the first interactions with other pets and see no cause for alarm, you can let the animals freely play together.

Introduce the other pets to the dog correctly, and soon you will all be one big happy family. But you still have to be careful the first few days to see if there are any signs of aggression.

If you have a cat, start by introducing the cat’s smell to the dog. Seek help if you feel like managing the different animals as they get to know each other is overwhelming.

Is Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix Right For You?

The Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix is great for active families because they are energetic dogs with many personalities. There is the potential to inherit good traits from both parents. Training them is a breeze as well.

Because they are high-energy dogs, they might not be ideal apartment pets. But they are better when raised in a family with plenty of yard space. It allows the dog to run around and play, which keeps them happy.

They shed a significant amount, which makes them a bad choice for allergy sufferers. Senior citizens might be unable to handle the wilful and energetic dog properly. Their exercise requirements are a bit high.

If you feel like the Samoyed Great Pyrenees Mix will be a great family pet for you, get a puppy and start learning with each other. Make training and other first interactions fun for both you and the dog.

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