Siberian Husky: Meet the Iconic Sled Dog

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is one of those dogs that makes it easy to remember that modern domestic dogs are related to ancient wild wolves. These dogs, with their keen bright eyes and bushy thick fur and upturned ears, literally epitomize what it means to be a dog. Siberian Huskies have been living and working side … Read more

Do Pomsky Need a Lot of Exercise: What to Expect When You Get a Pomsky

Do Pomsky Need a Lot of Exercise

The Pomsky is one of many hybrid or designer dog breeds that are becoming much more popular today. While the topic of hybrid dog breeding continues to be somewhat controversial, it really shouldn’t be. Nearly all so-called “purebred” dog breeds that are well-known today got their start through hybrid dog breeding (also called crossbreeding). The … Read more

Are Samoyed Dogs Aggressive: Learn What Causes Aggressive in This Friendly Dog Breed

are samoyed dogs aggressive

Samoyed dogs look like giant, fluffy, white teddy bears. They always seem to be smiling, which has earned the breed the nickname of “smiling Sammies.” They are pretty much the opposite of an aggressive dog breed. However, any dog can become aggressive under certain non-advantageous circumstances. Samoyed dogs are no exception to this. By the … Read more