French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: What Makes it So Popular?

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are becoming one of the more popular designer mixes. One obvious thing to all who see these dogs is that they are cute. However, cuteness only tells part of the story about these dogs.

Why is the French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix so popular? Besides being cute and having a great personality, these dogs are excellent choices because of their smaller size.

The French Bulldog and the Pomeranian are both very popular breeds. As dogs that lean toward Toy-size, they are an excellent choice for apartment residents. Read on to learn whether this enchanting mix is right for you.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are not as universally pt-friendly as many think. Although they can get along well with other pets, some are pretty selective about which pets they are willing to make friends with.

French Bulldog Pomeranians may not make excellent watchdogs. Some may bark at animals they see outside the window, but they are too friendly to most people to see strangers as a possible threat.

These dogs are unaware of their size and may try to take on much bigger dogs. If you acquire one of these dogs, he needs to know that he does not set the rules in your house.

Reasons Why You Should Get a French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

Although there are some severe health conditions French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes can get, these mixed breeds are generally reasonably healthy dogs. Regular veterinary appointments will help you take charge of the dog’s health.

Most of these fun-loving Toy dogs eat less than two full cups daily. These dogs require high-quality food but don’t eat as much as more giant breeds. You won’t have nearly as big a food budget as you would have with a large-size breed.

French Bulldog Pomeranians require daily exercise and activities but can easily thrive in homes without a big yard. Daily walks and indoor playtime will fill these dogs’ needs.

These dogs do well with children old enough to respect their needs and space as animals. Although the dogs are inclined to prefer one person, you can trust these dogs to enjoy spending time with each family member.

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of a French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes have an alert, curious appearance. These dogs usually have a mixture of characteristics from the parent breeds. Most could be fluffy, although the exact coat length and thickness may vary.

One of these dogs may have a single or double coat. Regardless of the coat’s thickness, it will generally have a coarse texture. Shedding varies depending on whether the dog has a single or double coat.

Possible coat colors include:

  • Cream
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Combinations of these colors

These dogs enjoy an average lifespan of ten to 16 years. Overall, health is usually the most significant contributor to canine lifespans.

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Puppies for Sale

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes, if from a breeder, should come from one that is reputable. One of the things you can do to evaluate the quality of a breeder is to read reviews. Other owners often give excellent insights into their experiences.

Once you’ve found a breeder that seems reputable, you’ll want to follow up with an in-person visit. Breeders concerned about their dogs’ well-being will be open to meeting prospective owners face-to-face.

If you can see the parents and get an idea of the dogs’ overall health, you’ll be better positioned to decide if this breeder is right for you. You’ll be able to confirm whether the puppies live in sanitary conditions and get the proper care.

Sometimes these dogs end up in shelters or rescues. Contrary to popular belief, some dogs end up in shelters for reasons that have nothing to do with behavior problems. Owner homelessness, job loss, or illness may contribute to dogs being in shelters.

In the case of rescues, because there are generally none for specific mixed breeds, you might find a French Bulldog Pomeranian in a French Bulldog or Pomeranian-specific rescue. Rescuers are familiar enough with the breed to understand its needs.

Grooming Your French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

A French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix will have varying grooming needs depending on whether the French Bulldog or Pomeranian side is dominant. If the Bulldog is more prevalent, there is less shedding, while Pomeranian trait dominance means more shedding.

Brushing a minimum of four times a week is ideal for keeping the coat fresh and looking its best. When you brush the coat regularly, you are also detangling fur and preventing mats that quickly become uncomfortable and make your dog’s coat unsightly.

De-shedding brushes are usually the best for getting rid of excess fur. Unlike brushes meant for human use, these brushes can get through all the layers of hair more effectively without causing painful pulling.

Bathing is usually best on an as-needed basis. Quality shampoo and conditioner meant for dogs will help the coat look and smell its best. Ear cleaning with a canine ear cleaner and cotton ball is ideal when you bathe your dog.

Regular nail trims will help prevent snags and give your dog the traction he needs when walking. Ideally, nails should be a length that doesn’t audibly click on the floor. Use the groomer’s clippers or a nail grinder for the best results.

Daily tooth brushing is ideal for promoting dental health, using toothpaste, and a brush for dogs. Tartar buildup, bacteria, and gum disease are all easier to prevent with regular brushing. Brushing also helps eliminate mouth odors.

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Health Problems

When you first acquire a French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix, following up with a vet visit as soon as possible is recommended. One of the things your vet will do is discuss the proper vaccine schedule and answer questions about their diet.

Although usually a healthy designer mix, these dogs may develop some serious health problems that include:

  • Patellar luxation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Heart disease
  • Legg-calve-Perthes disease
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Eye problems, including cataracts

Patellar luxation is a condition that often affects small breeds, especially Toy-sized dogs. This condition is painful and may impact how well your dog walks or runs. The knee joint is out of place when a dog has this condition.

Although more commonly associated with giant breeds, these dogs might develop hip dysplasia. This condition involves the hip joint being out of the socket. In the worst cases, dogs with this condition might lose hind leg usage.

Heart disease is another condition that Frenchie Poms might develop. One of the most common types of heart disease is Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), resulting in the heart not pumping blood very effectively.

Legg-Calve-Perthes disease is a lesser-known condition that occurs when the head of the femoral joint in the hip degenerates, causing arthritis and hip collapse.

Autoimmune thyroiditis is a type of thyroid disease that occurs because the body has created antibodies attacking the gland. Some symptoms you might notice in a dog with this condition include lethargy and weight gain.

Eye problems may occur in small breeds. One of the most common eye problems is cataracts, where the eye lenses become cloudy. Sometimes surgery is a possibility, although much of this will also depend on your dog’s overall health.

Understanding what conditions your dog may develop can help you plan for whatever care might become required. Although most dogs should remain free from many health issues, being prepared is always helpful for owners.

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Food Requirements

Your vet can make specific recommendations about your French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix’s diet based on your dog’s energy level, height, and weight. In addition to all necessary vitamins and nutrients, the diet should include:

  • Healthy fats
  • Plant-based fiber
  • Healthy carbohydrates
  • Omega-3
  • Fatty acids
  • Protein

Most French Bulldog Pomeranians eat one to one and a half cups of food daily. This food should always be in two feedings to prevent digestive problems. These dogs eat very fast and sometimes get stomach upset or nauseous.

As tempting as some owners might feel to free-feed these dogs, free-feeding is a bad idea for this crossbreed and dogs in general. When a dog free-feeds, you can’t monitor his food intake as quickly, which is necessary for good health.

These mixes can become obese relatively quickly because of their small size and a big appetite. Discouraging begging behavior, as well as abstaining from too many treats, will keep your dog’s weight under better control.

Obese dogs not only look unwell, but they don’t feel their best. At the very least, excess weight slows these dogs down and is a quality of life issue. In a worst-case scenario, it leads to serious health problems.

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Exercise Requirements

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes require daily exercise despite having a lower energy level than many breeds. A daily walk is essential for training and socialization. In addition to the walk, your dog should get thirty minutes of exercise.

You may be surprised at some things your dog enjoys, given a chance. Frisbee, hide-and-seek, and tug-of-war are popular games for these dogs. If you’re into a lot of outdoor activity, these dogs also tend to like activities like swimming and hiking.

If your dog should have to be home alone, puzzle-based toys are helpful for mental stimulation. These toys reward dogs with treats for solving the muzzle. If you load one of these puzzles with healthy treats, your dog may not notice your absence.

A well-occupied dog is less likely to chew things you want him to leave alone. The more stimulation a dog receives, the less mischief he will want to commit. A tired or properly-occupied dog is always a happy dog.

Allowing these dogs to spend a lot of time with each family member personally will help your Frenchie Pom feel more well-adjusted with everybody. Don’t be surprised if your dog wants to involve himself in everything around the house.

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Training

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are intelligent dogs. However, these are not the easiest dogs to train, and they are often stubborn. Training is not impossible, but the mix’s stubbornness can make things challenging.

Early training makes the most significant difference. The sooner a dog starts learning commands, the more consistent he will be about following them when you give them. Once your puppy associates following commands with rewards, he’ll willingly listen.

Crate training puppies or any dogs that have never been housebroken is essential. When you crate-train a dog, he is less likely to become destructive. Crate training is also necessary for teaching a dog to go to the bathroom outdoors.

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix and Families

Most French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are friendly to almost everyone. In most cases, your dog will prefer one family member. However, you can also trust this dog to be good-natured with everyone in your household.

These dogs may not be a great choice around sleeping babies because of overexcited barking. Also, toddlers should have minimal interaction with the dogs because of the chances of accidentally hurting the pet.

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix and Other Pets

French Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are often selective about which other dogs they get along with at home.

These spirited mixed breeds need proper socialization to learn appropriate boundaries around bigger dogs.

If your home has large dogs, you may consider keeping your Frenchie Pom and the giant dog separated during meals. As a further precaution, you will want to ensure the French Bulldog Pomeranian Mix and big dog are not left alone.

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