English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix: Is it Good for Your Family?

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

If you’ve never heard of an English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix, you might wonder why these dogs have seen some popularity. There are so many types of dogs that, likely, you haven’t heard of every breed or mix.

What is an English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix, and is this dog a good choice for your family?

The English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix is an American designer or hybrid breed that is a mixture of the English Bulldog and Pomeranian.

You will be pleased to know that this crossbreed is a great family dog that does well with children.

These dogs are very affectionate, friendly, and have excellent personalities. Considering the breeds involved in the mixture, it is easy to see why these dogs are so personable.

Although initially used for bull-baiting in England, Bulldogs became a popular family pet when the British government outlawed such blood sports. The Pomeranian descended from Spitzes and had its origins as a lapdog.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get an English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

If you prefer dogs that adapt to temperature changes well, the English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix probably isn’t the best dog for you.

The Bulldog ancestry can make it somewhat difficult for these dogs to breathe because of their short muzzles.

These dogs are also cold-sensitive. If one of these mixes has a shorter coat, there is less protection from the cold. A smaller size also makes it harder for these dogs to regulate their temperatures during the colder months.

Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes can be challenging to find without involving puppy mills or similar types of poor-quality breeders. Because these dogs are a type of designer dog not recognized by mainstream kennel clubs, they are sometimes difficult to find.

The demand for hybrid dogs often helps drive the demand for dogs bred using unsound practices. Among other things, this type of breeding often leads to increased health problems. Many of these health problems get passed on through breeding.

If you don’t have much time to devote to a dog, this designer mix might not be the best choice. These dogs may become very noisy or destructive if left alone, which is particularly bothersome for owners living in apartments.

Reasons Why You Should Get an English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are generally fun-loving dogs. Owners who enjoy a lot of amusement courtesy of their pets will find these dogs very satisfactory. The dogs are also natural cuddlers, perfect if you like affectionate pets.

These dogs adjust to that setting very quickly if you live in an apartment or condo. Although they require some daily exercise, a walk or visit to the dog park will be sufficient for most.

Despite the size, Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are effective watchdogs. If the dog has the slightest reason to feel that there is a threat near your home, you’ll know all about it right away! This mix is devoted to its family’s happiness and safety.

These little dogs get along quite well with children. One of these dogs will be eager to join your kids in all their fun. Activities that you might be able to involve these dogs in easily include beachgoing and swimming.

Although effective watchdogs, you can expect these dogs to get along well with visitors, provided there are proper introductions. If one of these little dogs sees a new person often enough, they will likely become friendly toward that person.

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of an English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

Although an English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix may favor one parent over the other in appearance, most dogs will have a mixture of traits from both parents. These are small dogs with an alert appearance, demonstrating that they are ready for action.

One term that might describe this dog’s appearance is “plucky.” These dogs are very fun-loving and often have expressions that resemble smiles. Overall, these dogs have what you may describe as cheerful appearances.

Many of these dogs have a blend of coat characteristics from both breeds. The dog’s hairs could be of short to medium length. However, the coat might be thick and have a double layer. These dogs will generally have a fluffy appearance.

Coat colors include white, brown, black, and gold. The most common combination is white with a brown blaze. Most of these dogs will be predominantly one color, with a blaze of another color on the face.

Although these dogs are uniformly small, some might have larger heads associated with Bulldogs. However, the head will generally appear more proportionate and help balance the dog’s appearance.

Most Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes will stand about a foot tall at the shoulders. Some might be even shorter, measuring about seven inches tall. Dogs of similar heights often include Dachshunds and Chihuahuas.

These mixed breeds usually have a longer lifespan, averaging from nine to 16 years. However, the dog’s care and lifestyle will play the most significant factor in its lifespan. Overall health and the quality of the parents will have an impact on the lifespan.

In addition to being a friendly, alert dog, these dogs are also active and adapt to new situations very quickly. English Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are an excellent choice for owners who live in apartments.

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Puppies for Sale

When you acquire an English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix puppy, it is essential to avoid puppy mills.

These breeding outfits often raise puppies in unsanitary and otherwise inhumane conditions. Many puppies in these settings are knowingly sold sick.

One way to avoid puppy mill conditions is to make sure you can visit where the breeder raises the puppies. Most puppy mills sell through third parties or are otherwise elusive about where they keep their dogs.

Grooming Your English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes have modest grooming needs. Grooming is not only about keeping your dog clean but also about keeping the skin, coat, nails, and teeth healthy.

Grooming will include:

  • Brushing
  • Bathing
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Eye Care
  • Tooth Brushing
  • Nail Trimming

Brushing your dog two or three times weekly will help keep the coat in optimal condition. De-shedding brushes make it easier for you to get through thicker coats and rid your dog of loose hair that can become unsightly.

Bathing your dog every few weeks should be sufficient unless your dog has gotten into something smelly and messy.

You’ll want to use a high-quality shampoo and ensure you attend to any wrinkles your dog’s face might have.

Cleaning the ears weekly will help prevent wax buildup, odors, and infections. Using an ear cleaner specifically meant for dogs will provide the best results. You will want to avoid hydrogen peroxide, which can harm the ears.

Tear stains are relatively common in these dogs, and regular cleaning with pet wipes at least a few times a week can help. If this issue is persistent, you may need to contact your vet to see if there is a yeast infection.

Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes may have dental problems easily prevented with good oral care. A fingertip scrubber or dog toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs used at least daily will help prevent periodontal and gum disease.

Nail trimming should occur about every six weeks, although dogs with fast-growing nails may require a trim more often. If you find this task tricky, a groomer may be your best course of action.

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Health Problems

Because the English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix is a hybrid, one of these dogs can inherit health problems from one or both sides of the family. If you can get some background on the parent’s health, you may know what to expect.

Some of the health problems that might be present include:

  • Allergies – These dogs might develop seasonal allergies, with symptoms that show up as skin issues more than anything else. However, coughing or sneezing because of dust or pollen might become an issue. Because these dogs have such short muzzles, allergies may aggravate breathing issues during hot weather.
  • Dental Problems – Dogs with small mouths have much smaller teeth that are sometimes more brittle. These dogs may crack or break teeth easily when allowed to chew the wrong things.
  • Eye Issues – Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes can have many eye problems, with cataracts being one of the most common. Other issues include dry eye, which is treatable with medication, and entropion or cherry eye, which may require surgery.
  • Elbow Dysplasia – This condition involves the elbow joint not aligning correctly. Your dog’s mobility might become affected because of this condition.
  • Hip Dysplasia – Like elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia involves the hip joints being out of alignment. Severe-enough cases can impact your dog’s ability to walk.
  • Hypoglycemia – When a dog develops hypoglycemia, the blood sugar drops to dangerous levels. Feeding small meals instead of one large daily meal helps prevent this condition.

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Food Requirements

One thing you must be careful about English Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes is not overfeeding. These dogs love to eat and will beg for treats non-stop if permitted.

As appealing as some owners find begging, this behavior is not good to encourage.

Two daily feedings using food appropriate for smaller dogs are sufficient for most of these dogs. Any treats used as training rewards should feature only healthy ingredients and be used in moderation, keeping nutritional needs in mind.

Table scraps are not recommended for these dogs. Leftovers don’t offer the nutrition these dogs require and can contribute to obesity. Grains, mainly, are unsuitable for these dogs because of their vulnerability to dental issues.

High-quality, holistic food formulated for small dogs is usually the best option for a Bulldog Pomeranian Mix. Fruits and vegetables are okay as food ingredients but must be appropriately balanced.

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Exercise Requirements

Although English Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are relatively quiet dogs, they require daily exercise to find an outlet for their energy. When these designer dogs receive insufficient training, they may resort to chewing and destruction if left alone.

At least half an hour of intense exercise is necessary daily to meet these dogs’ exercise requirements. If you have a yard and can supervise your pet while outside, taking a good-spirited run around the yard or playing fetch can be helpful.

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix Training

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes might chew a lot as puppies, especially if they feel s though they are being ignored. Keeping non-toy objects you don’t want your dog chewing out of reach, is the best way to help prevent such problems.

One of the most important things to remember about these designer dogs is that they are easy to train because of their high intelligence. However, you must be persistent for the training to work out best.

In addition to following commands that you give, these dogs also learn to do tricks easily. However, you will have the best chances of practical training if you focus on teaching the essential commands first, then focus on the tricks.

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix and Families

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mixes are excellent family dogs who love being around children. When described as family dogs, it is evident that these pets want to be involved with every family member, not just a select one or two.

These dogs thrive on a lot of regular interaction with family members. When you own one of these hybrids, this is not a dog that will like being left alone much. The dogs do best in families where someone can stay at home with them most of the time.

English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix and Other Pets

The English Bulldog Pomeranian Mix can get along well with other pets; however, proper socialization is necessary to ensure the animals get along well.

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