Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix: The Ultimate Animal Companion

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix

Humans and dogs form one of the most exciting relationships, but one thing about this relationship is that we know very little about our companions.

So, in this article, you will learn about one particular breed of dog, the Pomeranian Golden Retriever.

This breed is one of the most popular designer dogs around. A designer dog is a dog that is a result of cross-breeding two purebred dogs.

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever is a result of cross-breeding a Pomeranian and a Golden Retriever. These designer dogs tend to inherit most of their parent’s traits.

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever is the name given to a cross-breed dog between a Pomeranian and a Golden Retriever.

As you know, both parents of this mix have different physical characteristics, personalities, and origins.

But you might notice that some purebreds were once cross-breed dogs themselves; hence there might be some similarities between them since they may have shared a common ancestor. So, here is a little history lesson about the parents:

The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a small dog bat with a very long history, and its origins can be traced back to sometime between 1600-1700 AD. This breed tends to appear larger than they are due to their puffy coats.

Though studies have shown that until the 19th century, the Pomeranians used to be much bigger and heavier than they currently are, during those times, people mainly used them to pull sleds and herd livestock.

The Pomeranian origins can be traced back to a region known as Pomerania, now present-day Poland. A fun fact about the Pomeranian is that two of the three dogs to survive the titanic disaster were Pomeranians.

The Golden Retriever

Ranked as the 3rd most popular purebred dog, the Golden Retriever’s origins can be traced back to Scotland.

The first Golden Retriever appeared in the 19th century and was bred for the wealthy to be used for hunting, especially the waterfowl.

The Golden Retriever got its name from its golden coat and ability to retrieve shot game. The Golden Retriever loves water, and as a result, they are excellent swimmers.

Also, the Golden Retriever is among the top most intelligent dogs; hence they are easy to train and are very friendly and loyal to their owners.

Why Getting a Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix Isn’t A Wise Choice

  • They are very strong-willed, making breaking some of their habits hard.
  • They are susceptible to some serious health conditions due to their parents.
  • They are at times very friendly, which makes them average watchdogs
  • When they shed, they tend to shed heavily, thus giving you extra work when it comes to cleaning
  • They are very active doges hence for them to rest they must be totally tired hence you should own a large outdoor where they can drain their excess energy
  • They can be quite aggressive

Why Is a Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix a Must Have

  • They are among the most intelligent dogs, making them easy to train.
  • They are very playful and friendly, which makes them excellent playmates for your children.
  • They respond with love, affection, and devotion to the owner if treated right.
  • Since they are an active breed, they make for good exercise partners
  • They are very reliable in distinguishing between friends and strangers and can be relied upon to alert you in case of any signs of danger
  • They have very beautiful coats that make them very attractive
  • They are well-mannered and not destructive; hence you can leave them in the house without supervision
  • They have a lifespan of between 10 -12 years which makes for proper companions
  • They are very social with other animals; as a result, they can share a household with other pets
  • They are very affectionate and love spending time with their owners

Appearance Of The Pomeranian Golden Retriever

Remember, since the Pomeranian Golden Retriever is a cross breed, most of its physical appearance may differ.

They may possess the pointy ears of a Pomeranian and the Golden Retriever’s thick golden coat; some may have flappy or pointed ears with stocky bodies and shorter legs, or they may have longer bodies.

Just like humans, Pomeranian Golden Retrievers tend to vary in size and stature, but they mostly weigh between 55-75 pounds and have a height of between 21- 24 inches from the shoulder to the paws; though in adulthood, the male Pomeranian Golden Retriever tend to outweigh their female counterparts.

When it comes to their faces, they can be quite expressive and may possess the same facial features as their parents.

These facial features may range from the curious and alert look of a Pomeranian or the sweet, loving, and friendly expression of a Golden Retriever.

Also, the Pomeranian Golden Retriever rarely drools or snores, making them the perfect apartment dog.

Personality Of The Pomeranian Golden Retriever

Regarding personality, the Pomeranian Golden Retriever is the perfect dog. The Pomeranian Golden Retriever is a very intelligent and friendly dog making it the perfect family dog since it gets along with almost everyone from children to adults to visitors.

But don’t let its friendliness fool you; the Pomeranian Golden Retriever can spot danger, and once they do, they tend to activate the protective mode.

Due to their active nature, the Pomeranian Golden Retriever is very playful and can play for longer hours without getting tired.

Also, their devotion and loyalty to their owners make them the perfect animal companion. Other personality traits of the Pomeranian Golden Retriever include:

  • They like attention just like any other pet
  • They can be independent, a trait they inherit from their parents
  • They are stubborn, especially when they want to play, and you are busy
  • They love snuggling and cuddling, especially when you are watching TV

The Coat and Colors of The Pomeranian Golden Retriever

The coat of a Pomeranian Golden Retriever is usually long, double-coated, thick or fluffy, and golden. Their coats are usually covered by fur, which varies in size.

The fur can either be short or medium though the areas around their necks and legs tend to be a bit longer.

The range of colors of a Pomeranian Golden Retriever is golden, golden brown, black, white, and golden black, and their fur can be a mix of colors black, grey, brown, or golden.

Traits Of a Pomeranian Golden Retriever

Pomeranian Golden Retrievers aren’t like most dogs since they lack the alpha mentality. Like their wolf relatives, Pomeranian Golden Retriever prefers packs though they are also entirely independent.

With their high intelligence, Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are easy to train since they tend to pick up their lessons quickly.

Like most pets, Pomeranian Golden Retriever love treats, which can be a motivation factor during their training. The Pomeranian Golden Retriever’s friendly nature tends to fool most people, but they can give one hell of a fight when backed into a corner.

Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are excellent swimmers, a trait they inherit from the Golden Retriever side of the family tree, and they are also quite fast.

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix for Sale

Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are very popular that you may find one in a local animal shelter which is good since you’ll be giving one of these magnificent creatures a home. If you want a Pomeranian Golden Retriever, it’s wise to visit a trusted breeder.

Some breeders tend not to care about the health of these animals; all they care about is cash, so if you decide on a Pomeranian Golden Retriever, it’s wise that you also inquire about the parents’ health history.

Also, you can find a Pomeranian Golden Retriever in a local pet store. You can consult your vet about where to find a Pomeranian Golden Retriever.

Grooming Your Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix

Usually, Golden Retrievers are known shedders, but when cross-bred with the Pomeranian, the shedding is limited due to the texture of the resulting fur.

So, with Pomeranian Golden Retriever, the dead hair tends to get trapped between the coat, so it’s important to get rid of it when grooming.

So, always brush your dog’s hair at least once a week to prevent it from forming mats that make brushing hard.

Like your nails, your Pomeranian Golden Retriever claws must be trimmed when overgrown; if you don’t know how o trim your Pomeranian Golden Retriever’s claws, it’s wise to ask a professional to do it for you.

To boost your dog’s dental health, it’s recommended that you brush their teeth and ensure that you give them healthy meals and chewing toys.

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever needs a bath twice a month, and ensure that you use the right shampoo and conditioner.

Remember, frequent bathing isn’t good since it causes dry skin. Also, during the grooming session, remember to conduct eye, ear, and paw checks.

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix Health Problems

Since Pomeranian Golden Retriever is a hybrid, you are supposed to expect some health problems related to their genetics.

You can avoid this by getting a pup from a trusted and certified breeder. Some of the most common health problems associated with the Pomeranian Golden Retriever are:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Eye problems
  • Bone cancer
  • Patellar luxation
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Allergies
  • Legg-calve-Perthes disease

Most of these health problems are usually related to the parents’ genetics. The Pomeranian Golden Retriever has a lifespan of 10 -12 years if well cared for.

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix Food Requirements

When it comes to the dietary needs of the Pomeranian Golden Retriever, it is wise to feed them feeds that possess the required nutritional benefits.

If you don’t know what feeds are good for your Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix, please seek help from your vet or dog nutritionist.

When feeding your Pomeranian Golden Retriever, avoid feeds with fillers such as corncobs, wheat gluten, soy, and peanut hulls.

Remember never to feed your dog grapes, coffee, onions, avocados, garlic, lemons, macadamia nuts, or chocolate.

Ensure you eat your Pomeranian Golden Retriever in moderation since overfeeding them isn’t wise, which means limited snacks and treats and no table scraps.

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix Exercise Requirements

Like humans, without exercise, the Pomeranian Golden Retriever mix tend to gain weight, so regular exercise is necessary for their overall health.

Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are very energetic and active creatures, meaning they need to burn energy, or they might be destructive.

To tire out a Pomeranian Golden Retriever, there are several exercises that you can involve them. These exercises include swimming, running, hiking, or their favorite playing fetch.

Since Pomeranian Golden Retrievers like affection, you should ensure that you spend enough time with them and always involve them in family activities so they feel included.

Also, chew toys are recommended for teeth exercises. So, a one-and-a-half exercise session is enough to tire your Pomeranian Golden Retriever.

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix Training

Training Pomeranian Golden Retriever is much easier than training other dog breeds due to their high intelligence. The best time to begin training your Pomeranian Golden Retriever is when they are still young pups.

You must keep the training sessions short and on point since Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are not known for their patience and are easily bored. One sure training tick is positive reinforcement and rewards for a well-performing job.

Since Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are always eager to please during the training session, ensure that you praise them so that they know they are pleasing you.

You can also give them treats whenever they do something right. Remember, consistency in their training is highly recommended.

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix and Families

Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are one of the top family dogs since they are loyal, playful, and prefer spending most of their time with humans. Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are medium-sized dogs, making them less likely to harm or injure children.

They also tend to pick up new skills quite easily. Thus you can train them to perform simple house chores. Also, remember never to put a Pomeranian Golden Retriever in a stressful position since stress isn’t good for anyone.

Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix and Other Pets

Pomeranian Golden Retrievers are very social and friendly with other pets, especially when they are brought up together. Introducing them to other pets is very helpful since it removes the fear that the other pets are enemies.

Is Pomeranian Golden Retriever Mix Right for You?

The Pomeranian Golden Retriever is one of the best dog breeds you can have as a pet, mainly due to its friendly and active nature. But remember, before you decide to own a dog, you have to be prepared for every responsibility that comes with that decision.

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