Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix: What Can You Expect?

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix

A Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix is a relatively rare enough designer breed many have never heard of these dogs.

Some who hear about these dogs may know that the dogs are furry and not very big, but little else about them otherwise.

What is a Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix, and what can you expect? A Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix is a crossbreed of Finnish Spitzes and Pomeranians. Depending on the dominant breed, you can expect these dogs to have various traits.

The Finnish Spitz is an ancient breed from Finland that may have had origins in Russia. These dogs are a hunting breed at heart.

Pomeranians originate in areas of Germany and Poland near the Baltic Sea, a place once known as Pomerania. Although these dogs descend from the German Spitz, they were bred to Toy size over time.

Crosses between these breeds will have a very furry, fluffy appearance and a compact size. Despite having an older hunting background, these dogs are considered companions. Read on to learn whether these dogs are suitable for you.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix

If you are inclined to spoil your dogs and allow them to be the boss, Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix might not be the dog for you. These dogs need owners who are kind yet willing to assert leadership, so the dogs know what is and isn’t allowed.

These designer dogs require long walks or yard play because of their high energy level. Mental stimulation is essential to stop destructive behavior. If you don’t have access to a yard or dog park, or dislike dog-walking, this mix may not be suitable for you.

Spitz Pomeranian Mixes require positive reinforcement training; otherwise, they are challenging to train. Most dogs respond well to positive training, but these hybrids can be sensitive to harsh training. Harsh methods are best avoided.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mixes are great dogs you will enjoy having as a part of your family. One of the things that appeal the most to owners about these dogs is their overall friendliness. These dogs are quick to accept new people.

Most of these dogs have a long lifespan, barring severe health conditions that can impact the dog’s quality of life. When a dog has an average lifespan well into the teens, you can be sure of many years with your pet.

Spitz Pomeranian Mixes are small but very protective. These dogs will not take perceived threats to their families sitting down. Don’t be surprised if these dogs sound the alarm if your children wander and get out of bounds.

Appearance, Personality, Coat and Colors, Lifespan, and Traits of a Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix

The Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix is easy to describe as a fluffy, fun-loving dog in appearance. Depending on the coat color and size, the dog may resemble a fox or even a tiny wolf. These dogs are distinctive in looks, if nothing else!

These dogs may have heights varying from seven inches at the shoulder to 20 inches. There is a lot of variation in weight, with these dogs weighing from three to 29 pounds. The size will mostly depend on whether the Spitz or Pomeranian is dominant.

Spitz Pomeranians are intelligent and observe a lot. These dogs always look excited about what’s going on. You can trust your mix to know what she wants at any time. Three words that quickly describe these dogs are happy, independent, and intelligent.

For relatively small dogs, these spirited mixes have a lot of courage, always ready to protect their families, regardless of the threat. One word that describes the dog’s personality with everyone she gets to know is loving.

Spitz Pomeranian Mixes are more likely than not to have thick double coats. Many of these dogs have golden, red, or combination coats, making them look like oversized versions of Poms.

If a long lifespan matters, you’ll be pleased to know that this designer mix usually lives from 12 to 16 years old. Overall health and an active lifestyle will help make a difference for your dog.

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix Puppies for Sale

Finding a Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix from a breeder might be tricky. This dog is a mixed breed, and there are not as many breeders for mixes as there are for purebreds.

If you can find a breeder that sells these mixes, one thing you’ll want to look for is a health guarantee.

Also, the breeder should be honest about health problems that might become an issue. Breeders who aren’t honest about health are best avoided.

Grooming Your Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix

How much you will need to brush your Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix depends on how heavily the dog sheds. Brushing two to three times weekly is what most of these dogs require. However, you will need to brush your dog daily during shedding season.

Intact females will shed more heavily than males or spayed females. A spayed female has a denser, softer coat that tolerates more grooming. These dogs require as much of their coat as possible for insulation, so trimming or clipping is not recommended.

Spraying the dog’s coat lightly before brushing will help you quickly get through the thick fur. Regular brushing will help prevent unsightly, uncomfortable matting. You’ll likely want to use a pin brush for the best results.

Bathing a Spitz Pomeranian should be on an as-needed basis. If you bathe one of these dogs too much, the skin and coat will likely dry out from being stripped of necessary oils. Using only high-quality dog shampoos and conditioners will prevent drying.

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix Health Problems

Some health problems associated with Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mixes include epilepsy, hypothyroidism, and joint dysplasia. Although these problems are often severe, they are manageable. Regular vet care will minimize the effects of many issues.

Epilepsy involves a dog having seizures. When dogs have seizures, some distressing behaviors include jerking and convulsions. Fortunately, epilepsy is a condition that vets can control through medications.

Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, is a condition that may affect dogs of any age. A dog with an underactive thyroid will have decreased energy levels and weight gain. Veterinarians can prescribe medications that help stimulate the thyroid gland.

Joint dysplasia, affecting the elbows and hips, is a problem that may affect these dogs. Both of these conditions can be painful and impact dogs’ mobility. Although there are treatments for these issues, prevention through proper nutrition is ideal.

The Finnish Spitzes that contribute to this mix’s ancestry are some of the healthiest purebred dogs because of the screening breeders do for potential problems. There are fewer problems in mixes because of the precautions taken for the purebreds.

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix Food Requirements

Because the Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix is susceptible to joint dysplasia, diets rich in glucosamine and fish oil are ideal.

Many dog foods on the market contain these ingredients. You may also use supplements to help your dog get the required amount.

An efficient metabolism is one of the traits these dogs will often inherit from their Spitz ancestors. Because Spitzes, including Pomeranian ancestors, are an ancient breed, they have adapted well to the often-harsh conditions in their region.

Overfeeding is something to avoid with this mix, including giving in to begging behavior or free-feeding.

Feeding two or three meals daily with equal portions is ideal. These dogs can become obese fairly quickly when overfed.

High-quality food with properly balanced fats, carbohydrates, and protein will give these dogs the advantage they need while maintaining a healthy weight. Dogs with high energy levels need food that allows them to thrive.

Treats are helpful as training tools but should otherwise be offered sparingly. Use natural ingredients similar to what a canine might eat in the wild. Many commercial dog treats are full of unhealthy, artificial ingredients.

Table scraps are also good to avoid because many foods people eat are unhealthy for dogs.

Cooked bones are best avoided because they can splinter and cause choking or digestive system obstructions. Fatty foods might cause pancreatitis.

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix Exercise Requirements

A Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix will, at the very least, benefit from a walk lasting 30-45 minutes daily. When your dog receives sufficient exercise and mental stimulation, she will not have excess energy to devote to destructive behavior.

These dogs thrive on spending a lot of time with their families. Exercise in a fenced-in yard can also fill one of these dogs’ needs. However, providing an activity instead of just leaving her outside is always better.

If your dog has the chance to play with other dogs, you’ll help her get exercise and mental stimulation. Dog parks are excellent places for interaction with other dogs. A bit of variety in your dog’s exercise routine will keep her from getting bored.

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix Training

The Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix requires a loving but firm owner. Ideally, a dog should look to the owner for leadership. Otherwise, a dog left to her own devices can cause a lot of chaos.

Many consider the Spitz Pomeranian a problematic dog to train in some circumstances. These dogs are brilliant, which means they are happy to learn but may challenge you if you’re not assertive enough.

As with most dogs, early socialization is key to stopping many behavioral problems before they can take root. Dogs like to understand what their fellow “pack” members expect of them, and your dog will behave appropriately.

Taking your dog to a dog park or daycare is an excellent way to introduce her to new people and animal friends. The more your pet interacts with new people or dogs from an early age, the less she will see either as a threat.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train this designer breed. One of the benefits of positive reinforcement is the dog associating whatever rewards she receives with following commands you give.

In addition to being responsive to praise, these dogs enjoy physical challenges. Incorporating physical activity into the training will increase your dog’s chances of obeying your commands.

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix and Families

The Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix will usually show reserve toward strangers until adequately introduced but usually refrains from threatening or intimidating behavior without a reasonable cause.

As far as family and household members go, these dogs are usually very affectionate with everyone. Children are household members that these dogs will usually get along with very well.

Spitz Pomeranians dislike being left alone very much. These dogs are fully committed to being as much as possible with their families. The more time you can devote to these dogs, the better for everyone.

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mix and Other Pets

Finnish Spitz Pomeranian Mixes get along well with other dogs if properly introduced. All dogs will take some time to get used to a new arrival. Supervising your dogs will prevent most problems that come with accepting a newcomer.

One of the best ways to make the adjustment process for a new arrival more accessible is to ensure the dog who has lived with you the longest gets sufficient attention. Many of the conflicts that happen between dogs happen because of how attention is given.

These dogs may or may not get along with cats. Some might be indifferent or mildly curious about cats or other small pets. Other dogs might see these animals as something to hunt, possibly with tragic results for the other pet.

Proper supervision is the best way to prevent problems with Spitz Pomeranians and other pets. If you’ve taken the time to introduce your animals properly while supervised, you shouldn’t have any problems with your pets.

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