Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: A Unique Hybrid Dog Breed in Every Way

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix

At first glance, it might seem like the tiny fluffy Pomeranian and the enormous regal Great Dane dog breeds could not have less in common.

In fact, if you didn’t know better, you might even be tempted to assume these two dogs were actually two different species!

However, canine biologists have now traced all modern dogs back to ancient wolves, proving they are truly the same species underneath.

In this article, we get up close and personal with a particularly unique hybrid or a designer dog breed, the Pomeranian Great Dane mix!

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Pomeranian Great Dane Mix

The first question you might logically have about the Pomeranian Great Dane hybrid dog breed is – how on earth do such different size dogs even make puppies?

The answer is simple: artificial insemination – usually using a canine version of IVF (in-vitro fertilization). The Great Dane would be the mother dog, and the Pomeranian the father dog.

There are some distinct benefits to crossing two such different dog breeds. The two most important benefits are genetic diversity and the potential increase in longevity.

See a Pomeranian and Great Dane So You can Get a Sense of the Size Difference

This adorable video shows you exactly how laughably different the Pomeranian and the Great Dane breeds are size-wise.

And yet the video also showcases something important to know about the Pomeranian dog breed – these dogs don’t seem to realize they are tiny!

Pomeranians are often described as “big dogs in a small dog body,” and the description tends to be very accurate. Great Danes, on the other hand, do seem to realize they are large and powerful and can display surprising gentleness with smaller playmates.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Dog Breeds History

One of the best ways to learn more about a little-known hybrid dog breed such as the Pomeranian Great Dane is to study each dog breed’s history.

When you take time to learn why each dog breed was developed in the first place, you get a much better sense of the personality of each breed and how the distinct traits from each parent dog might combine in your Pomeranian Great Dane puppy.

Pomeranian history

The Pomeranian dog takes its breed name from a European region that used to be called – you guessed it – Pomerania. Today it is better known as Poland.

According to the American Pomeranian Club, Pomeranians may not look like working dogs, but they come from an ancient and celebrated lineage of Arctic spitz dogs – working sled dogs!

In fact, until England’s Queen Victoria encountered the breed during her expeditions and decided she wanted to breed Pomeranians, these dogs weighed between 20 and 30 pounds. The Queen bred them down until they weighed just three to seven pounds.

But the Pomeranian still has the double layer coat of the spitz working dogs. And these dogs still have the commanding presence of a canine that knows they are the choice of royalty.

Great Dane history

To hear the Illini Great Dane Club tell it, the Great Dane may have a history that dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians!

What is known is that the Great Dane is not Danish (despite its very Danish-sounding breed name). Today, the modern Great Dane is most closely associated with Germany, although there, the Great Dane is called the Deutsche Dogge (German Dog).

In Italy, the Great Dane is called the Alano Dog (Mastiff Dog). In the United States and throughout Europe, however, they are called the Great Dane.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Personality & Temperament

The Pomeranian and the Great Dane are not just different in size. They are also quite noticeably different in terms of their personality and temperament.

This is not to say that one dog has a more pleasing temperament than the other, but only to point out that some dog lovers prefer the more lively temperament of the Pomeranian or the calmer demeanor of the Great Dane.

What is most interesting about hybrid dog breeds is that it can be difficult to predict which traits your Pomeranian Great Dane mix puppy will inherit from each parent dog.

This can take careful planning, especially if you get your puppy from an F1 or F1b generation breeder where trait differences, even within a single litter of puppies, are most pronounced.

Pomeranian personality and temperament

The American Kennel Club (AKC) calls the Pomeranian the “ideal canine companion.”

This refers to the centuries these dogs have spent warming the laps of celebrities and royalty.

“Poms,” as fans call this dog breed, is super-smart, alert, high energy, and playful. They love learning and performing tricks because they love to have all eyes on them.

Great Dane personality and temperament

The Great Dane dog breed does seem to know how big they are and has the patient, good-natured demeanor to prove it.

These dogs are famously friendly, and the American Kennel Club (AKC) describes them with attributes like dependable, patient, and loyal.

Pomeranian Great Dane mix personality and temperament

What this tells you is that your Pomeranian Great Dane puppy may be more laid back and chill or very high energy. Either way, you will get a smart, loyal, and very people-focused dog that wants to be with you.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Size, Height, and Weight

If there is one area where the Pomeranian and Great Dane would be most different, it is size. So this is the toughest area to predict how big or small your puppy may grow up.

Pomeranian size, height, and weight

The tiny Pomeranian weighs only three to seven pounds and stands about seven inches max.

Great Dane size, height, and weight

The Great Dane can stand nearly three feet tall at 28 to 32 inches.

These dogs can weigh 110 to 175 pounds in adulthood.

Pomeranian Great Dane size, height, and weight

When you work with an early generation (F1 or F1b) dog breeder, you will see much more size variation. Your Pomeranian Great Dane mix puppy could easily weigh 80 to 100 pounds and may stand up to 20 inches tall.

When you work with a later-generation (F2 or later) dog breeder, the breeder is crossbreeding hybrid dogs, and you will see more uniformity. Here, you can expect your puppy to weigh around 80 pounds and stand 18 inches tall – so in the large dog range.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Training and Exercise Needs

When you look at the Pomeranian versus the Great Dane, based on the sheer size, it is easy to assume that the former will be happy in a tiny studio apartment and the latter will need an enormous estate to roam.

However, this is an area where the two breeds are uncannily similar, as you are about to discover.

Pomeranian training and exercise needs

The Pomeranian is very tiny but very active. They do best with indoor play because they are little and heat-sensitive.

Great Dane training and exercise needs

The Great Dane has a moderate to low energy and can be somewhat intolerant to heat.

It is important not to exercise your Great Dane until they are completely done growing and the bone growth plates have closed and hardened. After that, a couple of moderately vigorous walks daily typically suffice, along with daily playtime.

Pomeranian Great Dane mix training and exercise needs

With the Pomeranian Great Dane mix, you will most likely have a dog of moderate energy level with manageable (two to three daily walks and/or play sessions) exercise needs.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Coat Care, Shedding & Grooming

Probably the area where you will see the second greatest difference between the Pomeranian versus Great Dane dog breeds is in the area of coat care, shedding, and grooming.

Pomeranian coat care, shedding, and grooming

The Pomeranian coat needs regular brushing and grooming, especially if you want to show your Pom and are keeping your dog in a full, long show coat.

You can ease some of the workloads by keeping your Pomeranian in a shorter puppy cut, but you will still need to do regular brushing and either learn to clip your dog’s coat yourself or take your Pom to the groomers regularly.

Great Dane coat care, shedding, and grooming

The Great Dane has a short, flat coat that is a single layer. So while you have many more dogs to brush and groom, you will have far less brushing and grooming.

Great Danes shed year-round and seasonally but far less visibly due to their single-layer, short coats.

Pomeranian Great Dane mix coat care, shedding, and grooming

If your Pomeranian Great Dane inherits a double-layer coat (whether long-hair or short-hair), you will be in for more year-round and seasonal shedding. Regardless, your dog will shed year-round to at least a moderate degree.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Longevity & Health Issues

Longevity and health is where crossbreeding the Pomeranian with the Great Dane is likely to yield the most benefits due to genetic diversity.

Pomeranian longevity and health issues

According to the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) database, the Pomeranian breed has these genetic health issues:

  • Patellar luxation (trick kneecap).
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.
  • Eye issues.
  • Heart issues.
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis.

The Pomeranian has a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years.

Great Dane longevity and health issues

According to the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) database, the Great Dane breed has the following known genetic health issues:

  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Heart issues.
  • Eye issues.
  • Autoimmune thyroiditis.

The Great Dane has a typical life span of just seven to 10 years, which may seem very short but is quite typical of giant dog breeds.

Pomeranian Great Dane mix longevity and health issues

Because of the Pomeranian’s longer life expectancy, you can expect your hybrid puppy to have at least a 10 to 14-year life expectancy.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Guarding and Protection Instincts

Another area where most people assume the Pomeranian and the Great Dane will not be similar they are when it comes to guarding and protection.

Pomeranian guarding and protection instincts

Unlike many of their Arctic spitz relatives, the Pomeranian has a long history as a guard dog and will readily alert you about the presence of any intruders.

Great Dane guarding and protection instincts

The Great Dane does seem to know their own size, and often just the sight of a Great Dane is plenty of motivation to intruders to take a hike.

Pomeranian Great Dane guarding and protection instincts

Your hybrid puppy is going to make a great family guard dog no matter which parent dog your puppy takes after most.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Good with Kids & Other Pets

There are special considerations with both the Pomeranian and the Great Dane when it comes to adding either dog breed to a family with young children.

Pomeranian good with kids and other pets

If your children are old enough to learn how to play gently with a tiny dog, then the Pomeranian can make a delightful companion.

Great Dane good with kids and other pets

The Great Dane has a well-deserved reputation as a family dog and is famously patient with kids of all ages.

Pomeranian Great Dane Mix: Is This the Right Dog For You?

Now you can decide if the unique Pomeranian Great Dane mix is the right dog for you!

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